Too Afraid To Hope Any Advice

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lynnemtrix - February 20

Well I read a thread on here about getting negative tests and still getting your period (or what seems likes a period) but still being pregnant. I'm shaking and about to cry, I'm so afraid to hope that maybe, just maybe, I'm pregnant. I miscarriaged several months ago. Neither this time nor the last was planned. We used condoms, everything. My dreams are so vivid, and they come almost every night. Me giving birth, me pregnant, us with our child. I've been tired and sick, constipated and gassy. Running to the loo every five minutes. I'm leaking and my br___ts are tender and I swear they're getting bigger. Mood swings, back pains. I get a lot of headaches, which I very rarely got in the past. While things don't smell terrible terrible, it's sharper and unpleasant. None of my pants fit anymore, even though I don't eat as much. And my stomach feels tighter. I had to quit smoking because I couldn't take the taste/smell. I'm always sweating and I'm thirty more often than I used to be. Heck, even my palms tingle and itch (which I read on another site could be a sign). And I just feel like I'm pregnant. But here's the thing. I feel like I could be making it all up because I want to have a baby so badly. It's the only thing I think about lately. It's ten times worse than after I miscarriaged, this desire to have a child. And I only took one test, which said negative. I've only taken one test, and it said negative. And I've gotten my period, even though it was late and it seems a lot lighter than usual. But after reading that one thread, I feel myself hoping, And I'm so worried about doing so because I don't want to be disappointed. When I got my period, all I could do was cry. My biological clock and maternal instincts have gone wild. I'm afraid to take another test and I don't want to hope. What does everyone else think? Advice, comments, similar stories?



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