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kbailey109 - April 27

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since my IUD was removed in June of 2005. Still no luck! However, this month my period is actually 1 day late. I am normally like clockwork and according to my tracking I should have started yesterday. I took a hpt last night and it was neg. Still no period, am I trying to test too early, how accurate are those early tests? When should I try to retest with a hpt or should I go to the dr. for a blood test? We are soooo anxious and I am worried that if I get too excited i will stress out and that will cause my period to be even later!


trishnish - April 27

Hi retest in a couple of days your hcg levels could have risen by then. If not go and see your doc. Good luck and keep us posted.


Emma2 - April 27

The early detection tests are very accurate when you are pregnant. There is a small minority of women who do not get a positive early on but most will at your stage.


Emma2 - April 27

By the way, having a late period can also be bacuase you ovulated later than you thought. Good Luck


kbailey109 - May 2

Oh well..... I finally gave in on the 28th and went to the Dr. for a blood test. Just a late period. :( Dr. seems to think Emma could be right, just ovulated later than I thought. We'll keep trying. Thanks for your support!


zoelouise - May 5

kbailey Hun..... Loads of women on here are having signs of pregnancy they are late and negative tests.... I have all the syptoms they started 2weeks before my period was due which was 30th april.. I am 5days late..i went to see my doctor yesterday i have to take urine sample down on monday... I asked why he leave uit until monday he said that only 16% of women test positive a day after a missed period he said its best to wait 1-2 weeks then you will get a more accurate result.. I will get my results on tuesday if it comes bk negative then i will have to wait another week to have blood test


zoelouise - May 5

Btw i onky had IUD mirena coil removed 1st week of march i asked Him if this good be the reason i am feelin like i am he said no because the IUD i was using had the hormones as soon as it was removed body will return back to normally and periods will be as they were before it was inserted ..Now with a copper coil periods can be prelonged and all over the place but that is only what my doctor told me



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