Took Preganancy Faint Lines

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beeneri - September 12

My partner took 2 pregnancy test by fact plus it showed positive and we took two more 2 days later from 1st respnse and both positive are we pregnant?????????????????????


LauraK - September 12

Hehe I would say yes with four positive tests! Congratulations!!!


beeneri - September 15

Thank you Laura... We went and took a Blood test on friday the Hormone levels are 399 on friday and my partner is feeling slight cramping is that normal???


Diaries - September 20

Cramping Can be normal, but if the pain is intense and she can't stand it I would call, or go to your doctor. but I am about 5 weeks and I have a little cramping but its not like a menstral cramping its normal for that to happen, her body is preparing itself for the baby.


sharon29 - September 22

HI all would love your advice on my situation. i had an IUI on the 27th and 28th of august 2008. ( with a menstrual cycle starting on the 14th of august). On the 14th of september, i started bleeding and a__sumed it to be my periods. usualy i have a 27 day cycle but this time it was 32 days. the bleeding was very light as well. my ob/gyn asked me to take a urine test in any case . i took one on the 15th and it was positive. i also took another one on the 19th that came out positive as well( though the positive line was lighter). my doctor then told me to do the beta hcg test. my first test on the 19th showed a level of 146. my secodn test which i took today ( 22nd) showed 200.20. this level hasnt doubled which is getting me worried. also, i have been bleeding lightly for the past 10 days now. my doctor has told me to take another blood test on friday to check the levels again as only a level of over 1000 will show in the scan. i am worried that this could lead to a miscarriage. can anyone tell me anything more?


LauraK - September 22

beeneri, yes cramping is normal as long as it isn't intense like Diaries said! It's your body's way of stretching and getting ready for that precious baby! Sharon29, I would definitely continue the blood tests. If the hcg levels are not doubling or at least close to doubling it may lead to a miscarriage, I had one in June:( If they are slightly rising it may be an ectopic pregnancy as well which can be very dangerous for the mother, but don't give up hope, it could still be a perfectly normal pregnancy as well, but the bleeding would concern me too. It sounds like your Dr. is on top of it though and will give you the answers you need! I wish you all the best and hope that baby is just fine, good luck! Keep us posted on what happens.


sharon29 - September 23

thanks a lot Laurak.. i feel better when i talk to people. will keep u all posted


beeneri - September 23

Hello everyone.. Thank you for the advice.... We took another blood test today. The last blood test was at 1086 and that was a week ago... so we will see.Our 1st Sonogram will be on Oct.3....


sna - October 3

Hi all, here is my story. I’m at 16 dpo and I’m one day late today. I’ve been taking HPT’s almost everyday from 13 dpo, bfn. At 14 dpo and 15 dpo I thought I didn’t see any line but after few hours later there was a very very faint line, so not sure if it was evaporation line or the pregnancy line. And today at 16 dpo, there was very very faint line that came up in 3mins, but I could barely see the line and the line was somewhat visible in about 15mins but still faint. I am using Early pregnancy tests, I ordered online. I’m so confused but excited at the same time. I am having mild cramping from 7 dpo both sides of my abdomen and at 14 dpo I had like a pulling sensation in my lower abdomen. My b___sts feel very very heavy my bra is tight and my nipples are sore when I touch. I’m constipated for last 2 days now. Very very hungry all day and No signs of af coming! Any suggestions, ladies?? Should I be worried my body is not producing enough HCG’s? I had miscarriage in July and I don’t want this to happen again. I want to be a momma soon, keeping my fingers crossed. Lots of Baby dust to you all!!!


sna - October 5

I'm 3 days late for af today, I feel very pregnant sore nipples, bloated,hungry and very constipated.. I took EPT day before, very very faint line, took $ store test yesterday bfn, took first response today and again a very very faint line. Very confused. Am I really pregnant or wot?? Why faint lines continuously?? Isnt it supposed to get darker?? I hope I'm not alone, anyone of you ladies had faint lines like this????Please share your stories.. Baby dust to all of you!!!!!!


lillybug - October 8

SNA ~~~ some of the $ store test aren't as sensitive. I would wait a week and test again. $ store test give me false fait and evap lines! They even give colored evap lines as well


sna - October 9

Its all over. I miscarried y tuesday at 5 weeks!! I took blood test saturday and the mid wife called on monday and said my hcg levels are very low and she wasn't sure if it is a viable pregnancy and dr wanted me to go for blood work on monday to see if the levels go up. 2 hrs after the dr office called I miscarried...I pa__sed lots of tissues and clots and the cramping was terrible. My 1st miscarriage was on July 6th 2008 at 10 weeks. I dont know may be we tried too early for another one? Or may be I have a problem in me with the hormones. I get pregnant but unable to sustain my pregnancy. ThIs time I miscarried way too early at 5th week. Ladies, Is there a way to increase the hcg level in my body from 3rd week of pregnancy, so I dont miscarry again? I'm very depressed now I dont know if I can ever have a baby of my own. Please share your stories with me.


lillybug - October 10

SNA~~~ what women never know is that when you miscarry its because your body detected a defect in the baby and considered the baby "not able to live outside the womb" your body aborts the baby and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Theres nothing we can do to even keep the HGC levels up either. The best thing to do is always treat your body as if ur pregnant. I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage hun!



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