TTC Anyone Want To Wait With Me

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LeaAmanda - December 29

Hi, I've been TTC for 5 months now. Came of bcp 5 mo ago, last mp dec 3rd, on CD 27 now, usually have longer cycles 30 +, haven't test yet don't want to get hopes up but really hoping I am. Tell me your story and we can be waiting budies : )


jireh7783 - December 31

Hi LeeAmanda I am on cycle day 19. I am on month 2 of ttc. This is my first month using the clearblue fertility monitor. The monitor said that I had peak fertility on CD9 and CD10. Fiance' and I BD on all high days and both peak days so we are hoping for a BFP soon. Now that I think I ovulated earlier than usual im not sure when AF is due or when I can start testing. The monitor is supposed to alert you but Im not sure we'll see. If you dont think Im too babbly then we can be waiting partners! :) is this baby #1 for you it is #2 for me. Have a great day!


Shannon - January 1

Hi I am on my 3rd cycle. I am on 10 dpo with still BFN. My DH and I are trying for #4. I have PCOS and have to take Clomid to ovulate. I will also start Metformin this next cycle. I have been using the OPK and was +OPK on CD 14-15 we BD on CD 13,14,15,16 so not sure how we could have missed it. I know it could still happen this month but doubtful.


LeaAmanda - January 2

Hello ladies, this will be #1 for me I am currently on cd 31 and still no AF but no BFP either so I'm still waiting for one to show up and I'd love to chat with bothe of you :)


Shannon - January 2

Hi guys this will be great. LeeAmanda I would have long cycles sometimes like 60 days asked Dr. how do you plan for that. She said you don't it was probably cuz I wasn't ovulating so I was put on Clomid. Do you use OPK are you sure you are ovulating. I would hate for all this work and emotional stress to be for not. As for me have been very crampy for the last 4-5 days with no sign of AF so far, but still BFN as I test every day. (I know that is a little zelous but I can't help it, it gives me something to do in the 2WW.)


sunflower7180 - January 4

hi, i am new here . we have been TTC for 7 months now. what do all the other abbreviations mean? i am trying precare conceive tabs and will let you know how they work.


randt - January 4

Hello LeaAmanda. We are ttc, have been for about a month. I stopped the pill midway through a cycle so I had a "period" around mid Dec. I haven't really tried any calendars or anything, just been crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! We are doing a test this weekend.


Tinytank - January 4

Hello ladies, we have been ttc for about a month now as well. I am currently 8dpo and sooooo anxious to test. Tested today, thought I saw the 2nd faint line.....then again I might be seeing things. I am glad I have others who understand to wait with.


Laura - January 5

Hey ladies! Me and Hubby just decided to ttc. Only 3dpo and anxiously waiting to test in a week or so. This would be #1 for us so we are really excited.


LeaAmanda - January 5

Welcome everyone! : ) Well I got my period on Monday : ( The good new is this month it was a 31 day cycle which means my cycles are evening out since quitting the pill (yeah) So today I am on CD 4, it;s a new month for me so we'll se what happens this time. I really want to just "try" and when it happens I'll be happy, I don't want to start charting and test for o and all that quite yet. If it hasn't happened after a couple more moths then I'l start getting really serious, I figure I'm only 25 so we have some time. Good luck to the rest of you and keep me informed on all your happenings : )


Chas - January 5

Not to bust your bubble Laura, but it could take longer than your expect if your and your husband just started to ttc. And then again it could happen right away. Good luck


Shannon - January 5

Hey all! I have been using the PG tests on e-bay cuz they are so cheap. 12dpo bfn 13dpo didn't test today 14dpo cd29 have 2nd line but faint. I don't have to hold it up to the light or anything but light. my question is at this point I would think it should darker and if my levels just aren't high enough shouldn't they be? should I be concerned?


Laura - January 6

Thanks Chas, but I realize that it may take a while. My excitement is for the idea of starting off the new year trying to conceive and hopefully will be pregnant this year. Besides, we have not been using bc since our wedding 7 months ago, its just that instead of a 'if it happens it happens' att_tude its now 'lets really try to get pregnant!' att_tude. So no more bursting bubbles please.


Shannon - January 6

Well ladies I broke down and bought the digital clear blue and BFP!!! After all the negatives and faint line questions I can hardly believe it. We are excited!!


randt - January 6

Hey Shannon that's awesome news! Congratulations! You sound so excited. We are testing tomorrow (Sunday here in Australia). I have my fingers crossed for a BFP, I've had some light brown and red bleeding which I am hoping is implatation bleeding. Not sure if it would be too early for a test to pick up a posittive, but too excited not to try!


Shannon - January 6

Hi everyone. I broke down and bought the clear blue digital and it says pregnant. I am so excited. I hope that everything is OK.


LeaAmanda - January 6

Congrats Shannon!!!



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