Tubes Tied No Missed Periods Negative Blood Amp Urine Tests

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ms_isela - June 21

I have had almost all pregnancy symptoms, including waking up with swollen hands, face & bad headaches for the past few months. My period was a little late this month & they are usually right on time, so I took a home pg test (negative), then period came a few days later 06/03/08, but it was really light, i didnt think anything of it & went on about my normal life. Well about 4 days ago, I started to feel movement, so I went to PP & asked for a blood test (negative), I came home and went about my usual life again, well the movement is still there & now I feel crazy, because i have 3 strikes against me, 1. tubal ligation 2. no missed periods 3. negative pg tests. Even my sister says its all in my head & my husband thought i was joking, but I have 5 kids already, so I know what it feels like to be pregnant, PP would not give me an ultrasound because of the negative blood test, so now I have to wait to get in with my Dr. which will take at least 10 days, I have stopped drinking & taking Advil for my headaches, benadryl for my allergies, until i find out for sure. I feel i have to be quite far along since the movement goes from down low in the pubic area, all the way up to my ribs, but im not showing, so im pretty stumped, has anyone else experienced anything similar?? I feel that my doctor won't believe me, but I know what im feeling.


Teddyfinch - June 23

have them do an ultrasound if you don't believe the blood tests. looking into the uterus won't lie. and you could be convincing yourself to have these symptoms. try not to think too much of them. personally, i think you have a gastric problem.


ms_isela - June 24

Thanks for your response, but If my mind is that strong, I really need to direct it towards making millions, ha ha ha. I have a Dr. appt thursday 26th so as soon as I find out I will update. The movement has not stopped and is pretty constant, very familiar fetal movements, this will be child #6.


mommamare - June 25

Hello ms_isela, I am in your boat right now!!! I posted on another forum but found this one!!!! I have three children of my own and two older step-sons, so with our the birth of our daughter 10 months ago, I had a tubal ligation (figured I was already open anyways!) Well, I have been having normal periods since I stopped b___stfeeding 7 months ago. My period was late last month and arrived last day of May, was very short and then a week ago I started having pregnancy symtoms---BIG TIME symptoms! The only other time I felt like this and just had this gut feeling of pregnancy..I was pregnant. I don't know what to think though because my period would not be due until this comming weekend and I have taken test that come out neg. I too feel movement or twinges in my uterus (not gas). I feel maybe I am wishful thinking and bringing these on myself, but I just feel I am. I had two weeks worth of negative pregnancy tests with my daughter before finally getting a positive...was taking them too early. About 4 days ago I started spotting brown with cramping and no am not! I am just so confused, worried, excited, impatient, and so many other emotions right now! I know my chances are slim, but I would really love to hear if anyone has actually been pregnant after tubal ligation. My other concern is if I am, is it ectopic, or where it should be since I have the pregnancy twinges and possible implantation bleeding (brown spotting). I know this is long but I need someone to talk to about it or I will drive myself crazy! Thanks so much!


mommamare - June 25

Oh, I thought I should put my symptoms down..I also had all of these symptoms with my last daughter, minus the spotting: Breast tingling, tender, express colostrum pelvic discomfort and fullness uterin cramping & tightness headaches nausea brown spotting extreme fatigue hard to lay on side (have to prop with pillows) dizzy & hot flashes twinges & movement in uterus gut feeling Hope it's not a phantom pregnancy!!!!


kimberly - June 27

I've had 3 babies and I know why you say "very familar fetal movements" because now that I have had 3 I think I would know exactly what they feel like. But, I can say after I had my second, I thought I was pregnant again and I could swear I could feel baby movement. Well obviously it wasn't because I wasn't pregnant. I am not sure what it was but I figure something gastric was the cause too. But, hey who knows you really could be, I guess you wouldn't be the first one to be told they weren't pregnant when they were. Good Luck and I hope you get the answer you want!


mommamare - June 27

Well, I thought I would update for anyone who may look at this topic in the future. I got AF today, and although I still have all my pregnancy symtoms, I have to face that I am most likely not preggers. I did some research on the net about hormonal imbalance and my pregnancy symtoms could very well be a lack of progesterone. Apperantly this is a growing epademic for women in today's society because of the evironmental factors we live with. I am still hoping I am pregnant and that I am just having bleeding with this one as some women often do, but I am almost positive I am not, especially since my tubes are tied. Women sure have to go through alot!!!! I am so glad to have these forums though...without them, I would feel so alone! Good luck to everyone trying to get pregnant and hoping they are pregnant!!!


SalRenee - March 27

I had a tubal ligation done almost 14 years ago when I was 23. I am 11 days late. My periods are never this late. My breast are a little tender and tingling, only nauseated, headaches, cramping, dizzy, very emotional. I took 2 test and both came back negative. I don't want to go to a doctor just yet. Could I be pregnant, phantom pregnancy, or going through menopause? I just need some feedback. I have no one to talk to. The friends I do have think it's all in my head. I wouldn't mind another child. 



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