Ultrasound At 16 1 2 Weeks

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Dawnieo - March 15

Hi, i have a highrisk pregnancy so ultrasounds are a routine. At 15 weeks I was told that it looked like I was having a girl as long as the baby didn't grow a p__s in two weeks. At my 161\2 week testing the baby was in an abdominal position and the tech did everything to try to get the baby to move (applied light pressure to different points of my abdomen), somehow the tech said that there is a 95% chance that I am having a boy. Everyone says that I look like am having a girl and I have all the symtoms of one. Can this be accurate? Guess I was looking to see the actual genitals and a 100% answer. Thanks. Dawn


Trish - March 15

I headr if the heart rate is high it may be a girl and if its low a boy. My girls heart rate was above 170.


Dawnieo - March 15

Thanks Trish, I know it was high in beginning, I'll have to ask again.


Lala - March 16

Look up this new Mentor baby gender home dna test from Pregnancy.com. I'm really curios about it. I was skeptical about it at first, but once I read about it, it sounds more accurate than US, and can be done as early as 7 weeks gestation! Check it out and see what you think.


lisas - March 16

I wouldn't go by heart rate, I am almost 25 weeks pregnant and baby boy has always had a heart rate between 157 and 163


dawnieo - March 16

Thanks everyone. I hope to find out at my next visit on 3/21. I keep you all posted.


Nat - March 20

When I was pg with girl, doctors were saying that it was a boy, because of heart rate, but I gave birth to a girl :)))


HannahBaby - March 21

there is no such thing of having "girl symptoms" I worked on a maternity floor and saw women that were carrying wide that had boys and babys with high heart rates be boys.....theres nothing set in stone until you see the goodies....old wives tales just disappoint people in the end


Dawnieo - March 21

Today I had another ultrasound. I drank fruit punch before the test was taken to try and get the baby to be a little more cooperative.......needless to say "HE" was !!! I got to see it all lol I now know that carrying wide is indeed an old wives tale. Thanks again everyone for all of your help.


Lind - March 31

Look deep down into your feeling, in your heart and that is your answer.



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