Ultrasound Negative

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Catherine - April 20

Hello everyone, I have had every symptom of pregnancy for over 2 months. Doctor can't think of anything that's wrong with me, OBGYN can't think of anything that's wrong with me, no cysts, no fibroids, nothing. Ultrasound showed nothing. I'm still convinced I'm pregnant though! If I'm not pregnant and something else is wrong with me I can't understand why 2 doctors and a handful of nurses can't figure it out over a 2 month time frame. Anyone have an ultrasound that showed nothing only to go back later and see your baby?


Lisa - April 20

Considering that it's been 2 months, a baby would definitely be visibile by that time. In fact, I believe you can see the sac at around 6 weeks, so since it's been 2 months, if you were pregnant, then it definitely would have showed up. It would be almost impossible to miss or not see the baby at 2 months. Perhaps what you're experiencing is a phantom pregnancy. It could also be that you're just not ovulating, which is causing you to not have a period, but considering that the ultrasound didn't see a baby, I would say that you're more than likely not pregnant.


Lori - April 20

I am not exactly sure when a baby DEFINITELY shows up in an ultrasound. And considering the very strange things I have read on this forum - I now believe anything is possible. I wish you luck in finding out what's wrong - I am trying to find out what's wrong with me. If I am pregnant then I am in my 20th week. I know EXACTLY when I would have conceived. It was the last time I had s_x - so it couldn't have happened since then. I was not "trying" but I am not against the idea either. I have been doing the celibacy thing with my fiance (we're trying to go the full year before we get married! LOL!) and we just slipped up that ONE time on Dec 11th - well technically the 12th. Which happened to be exactly when I was ovulating. Sorry I am so wordy! :o But anyway - I started having symptoms around the next week. I bled a little at the time we had s_x - and it hurt a little bit which is very unusual - he wasn't rough - it just seemed like he was very deep. Sorry if TMI. But then about 5 days later - one week BEFORE my period was due - I spotted - not a lot - just pinkish when I wiped. I had never heard of implantation bleeding so I just a__sumed I was starting early, but it just stopped. Then my b___sts started ACHING! My b___sts never hurt before my period - my b___sts never hurt at ALL! And my nipples are constantly erect and I have little white bumps around them and they've gotten bigger and darker. I also got extremely nausuas and just kind of "felt weird". I don't know how to explain it. So I took a hpt about two days before af was due. BFN. So I waited. AF was one day late and when it came it was just more spotting with NO cramps. That is very odd for me cause I have horrible periods which are very heavy and last 6 or 7 days and this one was 3 days and light. I took another hpt. BFN. So I a__sumed I was not pregnant. I just went about my life, but my symptoms won't go away. I work in a Dr.'s office. So I told Doc what was going on. She immediately thought pg. So she gave me a urine test. BFN. She took my blood - I would have been about 7 weeks at this point - I tried to ignore it for a WHILE. The blood test was BFN. She didn't examine me. And I just believed the blood test and told myself I am nuts. So the weeks have gone by...and my tummy has grown. I am not skinny, but not huge and I LOOK pregnant. I also have an increased appet_te, so I a__sumed I was just getting fat, but my tummy shape is weird. I have been heavier before and I lost it, but my belly never looked like this. So at 17 weeks I told Doc that I know it sounds insane, but something is going on with me! I have had light periods this whole time and a LOAD of other symptoms. She took my blood again - I would have been 17 weeks. This time she did quant_tive and my level was 3. So the last three weeks I have been telling myself I am nuts! I keep thinking it is impossible to be pregnant and have an hcg level of 3. So I asked Doc if it was 100% and she said the only 100% way to know is ultrasound because some women's bodies do weird things. (Very technical answer, I know! ) An ultrasound is $200.00. I would have to pay out of pocket. My fiance thinks I should do it - I think I am nuts. So just now after everyone left, I went into the exam room where Doc keeps her doppler. I used it. But I have no idea what I am listening for. Mostly I heard nothing, but when I placed it over my lower left side I heard a schwoo schwoo schwoo just over and over. So I moved the doppler to see if I heard that anywhere else. I didn't. But when I put it back there I didn't hear it again. I didn't try very hard - I was so afraid the cleaning guy would come in and see me listening to my tummy! LOL! I don't know what to do or think. I want to believe my blood test, but there's something inside me that says I am pregnant. I don't want to be crazy. Doc says that I'm not crazy. But she has no explanation as to why this is happening to me. I have been doing everything wrong if I am pregnant - well not everything, but I have had a few gla__ses of wine. I am not the type to "create" things and I have had unprotected s_x before and never once thought I even MIGHT be pregnant. I don't know, but my wedding dress isn't gonna fit me. If you have any advice - I would LOVE to hear it! Thank you for listening and I wish you all the very best!


Catherine - April 20

Hey Lori, I agree with you. After reading the this forum, I believe anything is possible too. I can't see how you can not be pregnant. I am so glad to hear your story because I feel EXACTLY the same way you do. I have every symptom you do and I'm sure if we both listed more we would have the same ones. I took a blood test last Friday that was HCG of less than 5. A month before it was at 2. I think you should ask your doctor about the Doppler and do an ultrasound. Please please let me know how it all turns out! At least you have a really understanding doctor who says you're not crazy. Like I said, I had an ultrasound today that showed nothing. But I could be as early as 8.5 weeks. Crazier things have happened! PLEASE keep me posted! All the best to you!


sarah - April 21

sorry i dont think your pregnant it would show on a scan just relaxe try and think of not having a baby and you should get your period sometime it is in the mind i know from person experince


Lori - April 22

Catherine - I appreciate your comments and support. I haven't said anything to anyone yet about the doppler. I really would like to try it again, but I am so scared someone is gonna walk in on me and try to admit me to the loony bin. I haven't told anyone about using it before or what I heard. I can have an ultrasound if I want one. I really suppose I should get one! If I am I need to know so I can just get rid of my wedding dress and move up the wedding date and PREPARE for a baby! It would so suck to go to the er in a few months with stomach pain and give birth knowing that at home I have no crib, no diapers, no clothes no NOTHING! I guess I really do NEED to know. I will keep you posted - I will try to have an ultrasound sometime this next week if possible. This has really made me think. It's such a big responsibility - I wish I had a few more years to get used to the idea. I love children and I am 30 - so it's not a problem - I just hadn't planned on STARTING my marriage that way. I don't know what to think or expect anymore. I googled how a heartbeat should sound on doppler. LOL! What I think I was hearing was like what the site said the blood rushing through the umbilical cord would sound like. But our doppler isn't very strong - it says right on in not for fetal use. LOL! And I am not thin. But I KNOW what I heard. I am tempted to try again. But maybe it would be better if I just had an ultrasound. Sorry - thinking out loud...well in type. Anyway - thank you for your support and PLEASE let me know how you're doing. You just never know! BABY DUST******


Just wondering - April 22

Lori, I think you need a ultrasound, like now(lol)!! I have been pregnant before and you sound pregnant. Have you ever heard of pregnant women not producing pregnancy hormones? That sounds like you. You could be 5 months pregnant and believe me it will see your baby... That schwoo schwoo sound is the baby's heartbeat..You have every pregnancy sign in the book. I think you need to pay the $200 for the ultrasound asap. Good Luck


Just wondering - April 22

I'm sorry Catherine I don't think you're pregnant. Sometimes we want something so bad we start feeling pregnant. Good luck


hello - April 25

Sorry Catherine, but a u/s would show a pregnancy. Good luck


Lori - April 25

I just read your reply after actually listening to what I "think" is the baby's heartbeat again on the doppler. I had to try it again to make sure I am not hallucinating or something. I also told my fiance what I did and he also is adament that I get an ultrasound. Then today was so busy that I never got a chance to talk to Doc - well about this. I know nothing about medicine - I run the financial side of the office. I'm a little bit afraid to tell her I used her doppler. I don't think she would freak out or anything - I just don't want her to think that in the evenings when I'm up here alone I am trying out all the medical test stuff. LOL! So I may just tell her I want an ultrasound to rule out cysts and molar pregnancy and while he's at it could he look for a 21 week old fetus possibly. I will definitely keep you all posted. I just don't know why I can't just be normal and have it show up on a test!!!! Oh - by the way - my period was due on Thursday and it didn't show - it's the first one I have missed. Even though my others have been completely abnormal - they have been there pretty much right on time. Catherine - try not to be discouraged. Weird things DO happen - maybe not this time, but I am hoping that soon you will have your very own BFP! I wish you luck and many hugs. Thank you all for your comments and advice. BABY DUST*****


Catherine - April 26

Lori, please let us know when you talk to your Dr. and especiallly once you get your Ultrasound! I am SURE you are pregnant. Let us know!!


Lori - April 26

Funny you should say that because I talked to Doc today. She said that what I was hearing was most likely not a baby's heartbeat. She told me I am NOT pregnant. However - she also scheduled me to have an ultrasound on Thursday afternoon. She said that it was impossible to be 17 weeks pregnant and have an HCG level of 3. I asked her if perhaps HCG just didn't show up in some women. She said that you HAVE to have HCG to have a viable pregnancy. She told me I would be feeling the baby move...I told her I did feel movement, but she said it is probably not a baby. She still did not examine me. I have not been to a gyno in 3 years. I didn't say much else. And I do trust her. But I am still going to have the ultrasound to rule out cysts and tumors. And we're going to figure out what's going on with me. I will let you know what happens. I am a little bit dissapointed, but I certainly wasn't planning. I guess after I have my ultrasound I better get on a MAJOR diet so I can change my shape before the wedding this summer. I have to get back into my dress. I know women here before have said that sometimes HCG doesn't show up...I really don't know what to believe anymore. But I need to know. I wish you all luck! I'll post my results on Thursday sometime! :-D


Just wondering - April 27

Lori, your doctor could be wrong. I know of women who didn't test postive on any(blood,hpt)test. Later found out they were 4 to 5 months along with a ultrasound. So yes, a pregnancy test don't always show pregnancy. I don't understand why doctors won't accept this.Let us know what happen. Make sure you get a second option. Good Luck tommorrow.


Faith - April 27

Lori, I hope you get the ultrasound and find out for sure. But I do want to tell you that even when you aren't pregnant you can hear a heartbeat in your tummy....it is your own. I have four children and everytime they listend to the baby they would pick up mine and have to move it around to finally get the babys. The babys would be much faster, more than 100+ beats a minute. Yours would be slower, around 78. Please keep us updated on what you find out. You ARE NOT crazy. Listen to your body and keep digging for answers. Your hcg doubles every 78 hours so just because your levels were 3 before, they may be way up now.


Lori - April 28

Thank you for all that you have said. Today is my ultrasound - it's scheduled for 1:30 and I am in central time zone. I will try to let you know as soon as I can. I am telling myself they will find no baby - I just don't want to be dissapointed, but I have a feeling I will be. It's strange - I didn't plan this or even necessarily want this right now, but since the possibility has been there...I just think I definitely do want a child. I am 30 so I figure that after the wedding I probably need to start trying pretty quickly - what if it takes me a few years to get pregnant? One thing I have realized from reading this board is that it's not always so easy to get pregnant and have a healthy happy pregnancy. My body has freaked out on me and I hope that the ultrasound doesn't turn up anything serious. I thank you all for sharing your stories and support - I read just about everything and I feel like I have gotten to "know" some of you. Anyway - wish me luck - I'm very nervous. And good luck and BABY DUST to you all!!!


Lori - April 28

Well I have a cyst on my left ovary. He said it's not huge, but it's not small either. They only did a pelvic ultrasound. But I think if something would have been up with my uterus that he would have checked it out. I did tell him I had thought I might be pregnant, but all my tests were negative. So if he had thought there was a baby in there somewhere, I think he would have looked. Doc says now we have a jumping off point. I have had no pain though, so I guess I really can't complain. I didn't ever start my period - I am now over a week late, but that can easily be explained by stress. I am a lot more dissapointed than I should be. I should be happy. Maybe I will continue to have light periods with no cramping! That would be great! He said my right ovary looked good. I will get to look at the films when they send them over from radiology. I wish it would have been a miricle baby, but apparently not in this case. Oh well. Thank you all forlistening and I am totally addicted to this site and your stories - i may stick around and just see if I can answer any questions...or having access to a Dr. can get her to answer any questions! Good luck to you all! BABY DUST*****


Catherine - April 28

Lori, thanks so much for sharing. I was wondering today how everything went for you. So they're positive you're not pregnant? What are they going to do for you about the cyst? I'm so sorry, please let me know if there's anything I can do to cheer you up! I hope you will be healthy really soon. Thanks for sharing... Keep us updated on how you're feeling, and what's going on with you.



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