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claire_star - April 8

i know what you mean about the mind being a powerful thing. i am now actually starting to believe im goin through a phantom pregnancy. all the signs are there, im 2.5 weeks late yet the tests are showing negative. in december i had a termanation, although it wasnt entirely what i wanted, and have since had a hard time dealing with it. im seriously begining to think that this is a phantom pregnancy im goin through because of that. it scares me a little


NatM - April 11

Hey everyone! Heather how is your things coming? How are you feeling? I really think that you are pg, because you went very far, and it's has to be baby :))). Do you feel movements, sometimes you can even feel his(her) foot, or head, or b___t when baby is kicking ;)) Let me know how is everything. **********Dear claire_star it's can't be phantom at 2.5 weeks. Are you kidding? First of all maybe you just late, and like doctors like to say "it's happens". Stress, physical exersises, lose or gain weight, or maybe thyroid. You have to rule everything out. But you still can get positive if you pg. Or you might not. Some women can go to full term with undetectable hcg. So, just be patient right now, go to doc. and do some tests, that you make sure nothing serious happening with you. *****GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE***** As of myself no news yet. I was on Clomid for 5 days before my ovulation. Let's see if that can do a difference. My period supose to start 20-21 of April. If period not gonna start, then I will be in my guesses again :(((


Heathe - April 12

Nat, well everything is still the same, waiting for next Month to see what happens, maybe if I go into the Doctors with a huge belly, they will take me serious.


breaux1638 - April 13

can fibroid tumors block the baby's heartbeat from being picked up on an ultrasound?


hotmama_21 - April 15

the earliest you can see a baby or really all your able to see is the yolk sac and that is at 5 wks. anyways if its 2 months then that would make you like in between 6-10 wks i believe and you can DEFINATELY see a baby by then by 9 wks you can see the little arm buds and everything. you can even google ultrasound photos is you want to and how every many wks you should of been see what it is suppose to look like. but you should have been able to see a baby. so i am sorry but if there was nothing there than i do not think you are preg.


hotmama_21 - April 15

HEY LORI!!!! some info i want to point out. your HCG which shows on a preg test anyways it is ONLY high during the first trimester after that it goes down. so if you were 17 wks that is in what trimester. just something i thought you might want to know.


NatM - April 17

Dear hotmama_21, did you read posts from here at all? Did you see that in some cases u/s was not able to pick up baby till like almost 20 weeks!!! I know it's sounds crazy, but even doctors wasn't able to explain that, and of course they blamed human errors. That technician didn't do it right, or her bladder wasn't full enough, or her baby was too small and was hiding ;)))))) It's all really funny, and I love when you have a chance to prove them wrong. Maybe they will be more careful next time, but I think all doctors they just simply don't care :(


hotmama_21 - April 17

WOW. i have NEVER heard any of this before until i came here. that is so crazy. but i do believe it. these are MIRACLE babies. i find out from the doctor today if i am pregnant or not in 1 hr. but i have also read that some get blood tests and it shows NEG but they are still preg. the only reason that i think i am is because my temps have NOT went down they actually went up and today i am 20 dpo.


Heathe - April 19

Nat, How are you doing, me the same still don't know what is wrong with me, will wait till have a big belly, then go back to the doctors, hope everything is going well for you.


NatM - April 19

Hi girls! How is everybody doing? Anybody got any news? I don't have any hews yet :( My period supose to start sometime on Friday or Saturday. I am not sure if I will get it though. About 3 days ago I've got some little brownish discharge, and at first I thought that my period started early, but it's didn't. And this can be a chance, that I've got some implantation bleeding ;) which is not nessesary has to be a bleeding. It can be pinkish or brownish discharge. And they saying that implantation usually takes place on 9-10 day after ovulation. And I've got discharge exactly on the 10th day after my ovulation (if I am not mistaken) So, I am not gonna take test yet, because my period supose to come on Friday, so I'll wait first, and then if it's not gonna show up on the weekend, then I will take hpt on Monday, or so. Let's pray that maybe I'll get positive this time. I was on Clomid this time, so it's has to start if I am not pg. Anyway I will keep everyone updated :)) ~~~~~~~~~~~BABY DUST~~~~~~~~~


Heathe - April 24

Nat, How are you doing, me well I don't think I am pregnant now, my stomach has gone down i size, so maybe it was something else, my Breast are still sore and bigger, but my stomach is not as big as it was earlier.


NatM - April 27

Hey, Heather! Why you think you are not pg anymore? Did you get your period? ****** I am so lazy to go to the store and buy pg test. I still didn't get my current period. I wonder if I am pg or not. I was due last Friday, so I am like 6 days late. Maybe I'll buy one on the weekend and let you know the results.


Heathe - April 28

Nat, well sometimes I think I still am like I am still getting movement every day, and b___st still are sore and swollen, they have got even bigger, and at night I have these white crystals all over my nipples, and the other day my b___st leaked on my shirt, so I am still stumped, guess will see what happens.


NatM - May 3

Heather, if your b___sts lactaiting it has to be something. Maybe hormonal problems. I think doctors should test you for everything. ************** As of myself - hpt is negative :((( What else new? Right? But no period. I probably switched to once in 3 months period :)) That' how long it took me last time to start my period. I have no idea anymore what to do. I am desperate, frustrated and really tired of all this. And my doctor just keeps telling me that it's nothing to worry about, that it happenes sometimes. But I know that there is a very big number of misdiagnoses. And then what? Who knows?


Heathe - May 5

Nat, they have tested me for everything, they tested my hormones, FSH everything was normal, so I don't know what is wrong with me, maybe someday I will find out.


NatM - May 19

I still have the same problems, I missed my last period, and today I am due to my second period. I still didn't get it :(( My doc. prescribe me progesterone which should start my period, but it didn't come yet. I also had my blood work done for complete hormonal levels. And they said it's all normal. So, what causes my periods to be irregular they don't know. I think I am going to start looking for different doctor to get second opinion. We want to have children, but if I am not having my periods I wouldn't be able to consieve. So, I am only 36 years old, and my FSH test is normal, so I am not menopausal, but why I have problems - no one can answer. It's really frustrating, I am tired of this. And the most important thing that I worry, that I have something rear and unusual, which can be dangerous or something. And Internet researches don't even help. I'll keep updated everyone what's happening. ********** Heather how are you doing, any hews?



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