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NatM - May 19

I still have the same problems, I missed my last period, and today I am due to my second period. I still didn't get it :(( My doc. prescribe me progesterone which should start my period, but it didn't come yet. I also had my blood work done for complete hormonal levels. And they said it's all normal. So, what causes my periods to be irregular they don't know. I think I am going to start looking for different doctor to get second opinion. We want to have children, but if I am not having my periods I wouldn't be able to consieve. So, I am only 36 years old, and my FSH test is normal, so I am not menopausal, but why I have problems - no one can answer. It's really frustrating, I am tired of this. And the most important thing that I worry, that I have something rear and unusual, which can be dangerous or something. And Internet researches don't even help. I'll keep updated everyone what's happening. ********** Heather how are you doing, any hews?


susanna - May 19

NatM ....Heather's moved on to a Yahoo group. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hcgfn All the ladies that post are in the same situation.


NatM - May 31

Well, I guess this forum just died like many others :(((( Good luck to everyone, and I hope that everyone stay healthy and happy. Most important to get what you wished for. I hope Tiff adopted a baby she wanted so bad, I hope that DK didn't have anything serious, because her conditions wasn't very promising, I hope that Marian and other girls with similar problems getting better on resolving their mysteries. We all been here for each other when we needed, and if this forum died - it means that we don't need it anymore. And it also means that some girls resolve their problems, some got pg, some just find out what was happening. One way or another I wish everyone a major thing, which important in our lives - it's HEALTH. Please girls stay healthy and take good care of yourselves. Was nice knowing everybody, and share similar problems :))))))


Heathe - June 6

Hey Nat, sorry it has been so long, I am still the same, just hanging in there, there is a great forum I found you should join, it is in Yahoo, called botched ultrasound, all the girls on the site are in the same boat as us, I hope everything is ok with you, still don't know what is wrong with me, take care keep me posted, will do the same with you.


NatM - July 27

Well, look who is here! I am back and still have the same problems. My last period was on May 24, and what's going on I have no idea. The worse thing is that my doc. don't know either. I deside to go to the different doctor. Maybe I will have some luck then. How is everyone doing? Any news?


Heathe - July 28

Nat I am the same if I am pregnant which I am pretty sure I am I will be having it anytime now,I am going to give you a link with a ton of women just like us that you can talk to I joined everyone there is so nice the link is http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hcgfn/messages come join us I miss talking to you.


mommasgirl - July 30

No, but I have gotten several pos. tests and then got a negative u/s. It was an early m/c. Maybe it is stress. If you are worrying yourself to death that you are pg and noone can find it, then you are stressing out. Maybe your periods are irregular because of worry too. If you have gotten a neg. u/s then there isn't anything there. I hate to say things like that. I know how it feels to lay there on the table and for them to tell you there is nothing there.


tiffy - September 9

Wow! It's been a long time since my last post! I've tried several times but my computer wouldn't let me. I now have a different connection. I just wanted to let you all know that the little girl I was going to adopt last Nov was born and the birthmom decided to keep her. It was very sad. Also, I was not pregnant. I still do not know why my belly enlarged like it did and I had all the symptoms. This last April, I think I had a miscarriage, because exactly 7 days after, I started spotting, this has never happened before and it continued for around 12 days. I thought maybe my x-friend sliped me a BC pill in my drink, because this was so odd. Anyways, what do you guys think. Never in my life did I bleed a week early and for so long. I truly didn't want to experience another phantom pregnancy so I totally put off the fact that I gained 25 lbs in 3 months. After the loss of the adoption, my doctor put me on zoloft (anti depression) for 6 months. It really helped and now I am completely off and doing great but I was told the weight gain could have been due to that. Anyways, again, my belly is just getting bigger and rounder, but I'm having periods and I did a hpt in April and May and both were negative. I went to the doctor and he refused to give me a blood test. I can't easily go to the dr because I am out of the country. The good part is that I am adopting two sibling girls!!! I am very excited about them and can't wait to get them. However, I just keep wondering if I am somehow pregnant.


devisreeprasad - January 29

hello everyone, i have had ultrasound test during 4th month of pregnancy. scan feature suggest missed abortion of 7 to 8 weeks. Doctor told me foetal cardiac pulsations are absent.


maren - February 10

tiffy i just wanted to say even if your friend 'slipped' you a bc pill that would not have caused you to miscary i was on my BC pills till i was 7.5 weeks pregnant before i figured out i was pregnant


Lianneh30 - May 7

Hi there I feel I am 13 weeks pregnant but can't get a positive result I have been to my doctor and she done a blood test it was negative aswell that was 6 weeks ago and I have been doing tests since and still negative so I went back to the doctors and demanded an ultrasound as my stomach is getting bigger and I have all the symptoms and feelings and I have been pregnant before so know the symptoms but I was 10 weeks when I found out with my son who is now 12 it frustrating as I don't know what is going on inside me but hopefully the ultrasound will tell me if I am or not I wasn't planning on getting pregnant so not sure how I am feeling about it all as not with partner anymore but need to know what is going on a woman's body is a funny thing but we all know our own and my whole body has changed and not had a period in 4 months so don't understand why keep getting negative results if I am pregnant I am so confused ???? 



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