US Wed Will They See The Baby Hpt W Periods 21wks Maybe

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Rose - April 5

Ok, I am one of those women who have continued to have periods from the first time I suspected pregnancy to now, also I haven't had s_x since then, that was Nov 21, 2004! I got 2 - hpts and got my period in DEC, so I told myself that I was not preg, even though I kept feeling like I was (nipples popped out, never before, they still remain that way, had to eat several meals to keep from feeling sick, two dizzy spells almost passed out once, extreme exhaustion and had to sleep several times during the day). My preg symptoms continued, so I took a blood test late DEC, I asked the DR if she was sure it would pick up on a preg and she said that actually, it may still be too early, well it was neg, so I said I am not thinking about this anymore, I am not pregnant. Well i have continued to feel pregnant this whole time, so I took another hpt test mid march because my belly was getting large and I am on a healthy 1200 calorie per day diet, because I am working with a personal trainer and even lost 15 lbs in the last 2 months! still - hpt, not preg right, that's what I thought until I began to get this light brown line that starts under the middle of my chest area and runs perfectly straight down over my belly button to my pubic line! And last week, I have been feeling cramps below my ribs, across my belly button, and my lower belly, at different times on both side, especially about 15 minutes after I eat! I've never had a child before, so I don't know what fluttering feels like or even kicks. I've looked everywhere to see what kicks feel like but no one really describes them well. When this happens to me, I think to myself ouch, stop poking me, I've never had quick shots of pain in my belly before, could I be feeling kicks? OH!! also i got one of those bebemonitors that is suppose to monitor the babies heart rate and I swear I am hearing the exact thing they said to look for, the fast beating drums or horses running, my trainer said that he would bet a million dollars that I was not preg but that I needed to go to the doc to confirm it for myself, I went to the doc yesterday, and she felt my belly and gave me a urine test and it was negative! Could it be that I am one of those people that the hcg, doesn't enter the urine, also I do not look incredibly obese ... but I am 40 lbs overweight and carrying mostly in my stomach, I am 5 feet and weight 167! Any help would really be appreciated because my doc is sending me to do a ultrasouond tomorrow morning and I really don't want them to miss the baby if there is a baby there. Are there certain places they should look, or will a baby definitely show up at 21 week since lmp. Sorry this was so long ... please tell me what you think, how to feel the kicks, how to find the baby on an ultrasound!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ;)


colleen - April 5

even if you're one of those people who don't ever show positive an ultrasound will be unmistakable if you are 21 weeks! Babys can be seen on ultrasound even at 6 or 7 weeks.You will finally have your answer.


bump - April 5



Missy - April 5

I'm kind of in the same situatuion, though I suspect I'm only about 10 1/2 weeks along. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to verify it. I've been having tons of symptoms and negative blood test. So, I would think that if they can see a baby at 10 weeks, then they could definitely tell at 21! Good luck!


bb - April 7

baby dust


Hannah - April 7

Hey guys let us know how you u/s went, How are you doing Rose and Missy???????


Rose - April 7

I had put this post under the wrong category, so I changed it to the Pregnancy Signs. You can go there and it's under "what does kicking feel like and will the baby be seen on us", it tells how my us went and we are even talking about phantom pregnancy now! I think that may have been what happened to me, not sure though.


Rose - April 7

Missy, please let us know how your us went. i hope you saw a baby! I think I may have been experiencing a phantom preg. I asked my tech if she would see a baby at 20 wks, she said she wouldn't miss it. She didn't say she saw anything and I didn't ask her point blank because I was already feeling like I'm crazy! But she did the abdominal, pelvic, and v____al us. So if I have a growth or something I will know in a few days after the radiologist views all the pictures.


cl22 - April 7

Let me tell you. I'm just trying to be realistic here. It could be that it's just gas and you're a little heavy in the middle. Stress could also be the reason why you're fatigued or lack of sleep of course. Don't be worried about the doctor doing an ultrasound because i'm pretty sure he knows where to look for anything. If he don't and he asks you where he should look, then i would look for another doctor =)



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