Very Confusing Ept Test Results

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jess - February 6

i have recently took the newer version of the e.p.t pregnancy results. the first one showed the - sign with a VERY faint vertical line in the big window, and a vertical line in the smaller window. the second one was just a - sign in the big window and a vertical line in the smaller window. now, i took the thrid one, and it did the same exact thing as the first test. the vertical line is almost not visible. i have all of the symptoms of pregnancy, and i haven't had my period since mid december. plus i have been very s_xually active, only using the withdrawl method. if someone could give me an idea of what the results are, that would be greatly appreciated.


shannon - February 24

I too am confused. I have all the signs of pregnancy but my lines with ept are both vertical with only a very faint horizontal...


coriperrymaine - February 26

i too just took the test and have 2 veritcal lines? Let me know too?


coriperrymaine - February 26

i just read their site....2 vertical means negative and a positve + sign in the round window means positive.


andy - March 14

I am also girlfriend took the test today and we couldn't figure out what it was. there was a faint horizontal line in the first one and a bold vertical in the second, what could that mean?


Amy - March 14

Andy that is a neg result....good luck


Summer - March 16

You girls are making me feel wonderful!!! My husband and I have been trying so hard to have a child. I have taken three tests in the past 4 days because I am having the same problem with the light line in the big circle( same brand). My body, heart, and intuition tells me I am pregnant, but the tests says no. Either we are all crazy; or just all preganat! Good luck ladies.


Laura - March 16

The newer version of the ept test +/- has been receiving alot of complaints. If you have a vertical line in both windows you are pregnant-a horizontal line is negative. the vertical line shows if you are pregnant. you can call ept's 800 # if you want to feel better but a vertical line means pregnant!!!


C - March 20

I think the vertical line means you are pregnant. I did two tests and got two bold vertical lines (one in each window) both times. However, I didn't feel too inspired by the rsults, so I bought a box of three First Response tests. I did one yesterday and one this monring, and both say I am pregnant. In any case, I will be making an appointment with my doc for confirmation this week. I can let ya'll know what comes of it if you like. . .


Jessica - April 3

I see all you guys had the same problem as iam haveing now. any of you stil read this could you lt me know what happen.


KT - April 3

I know this is a different brand, but I took an accuclear hpt and it said if the line is faint, even very light, you can a__sume you're pg. I would think that if there is a horizontal line, you are not pg because that is a minus, but if there is a vertical line that is the added difference between a plus and a minus, so that would mean you were pg.


Josie - April 22

It shows a single blue line, am i pregnant?


CR - May 15

I took a digital read out EPT test last wednesday and it said "Pregnant." Since I wanted to make sure I grabbed another test and realized when I got home it was the plus positive sign test which you girls took. It gave me two vertical signs. I didn't know what to think. I also have signs of pregnancy.


Amy - May 16

I had the same thing happen. If you read the package insert (not the box, the paper that comes in the box with the test) it says that a faint positive is still a positive because that means that some level of the pregnancy hormone has been detected.


Amy - May 16


Jenny - May 16

I have taken 4 test and all of them have had 2 vertical lines. I'm going tonight to get one that says pregnant or not pregnant to be certain.


matt - June 1

what does it mean when there is a line in the 0



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