Very Faint Line On CD 29

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hotpinkrocks81 - November 7

I had a chemical pregnancy in September. I got AF on Oct. 10th. I followed up with my GYN and did a bunch of blood tests and everything was normal and HCG was negative. I've been tracking my cycle and used OPKs and I believe I OV'd around CD 14. (we want a baby, and I have a 9 yr old son). I've been feeling symptoms that at first I thought might be early pg. But as I got closer to AF it felt more and more just like PMS. Cramps, bloating, irritable, tender BBs. So I decided that I would take a test on the morning that AF is due. I bought the tests last night and forgot to put them in the bathroom, so when I woke up at around 3am to use the bahroom, I didnt get a chance to test. Well when I got up around 930 am. I tested with that and really expected a BFN because of all the PMS symptoms. I looked at the test after like 2 minutes and I saw a faint line in the test window. I didn't pick it up when I looked at it. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I got DH out of bed. He saw the line too. It wasn't an evaporation line, because we both looked at it before 10 minutes. I'm gonna wait a few days and test again, but I still feel like AF is coming. Anyone else ever go through this? I've always heard that even a faint positive is still positive, but I don't want to get my hopes up to much yet.


hotpinkrocks81 - November 8

Hahaha. So I couldn't wait a couple of days to test again (of course). I tested again very early this morning, and I got the same faint line in the test window. I'm going to buy a digital HPT if I don't get AF by Wed. If the digital test comes back negative, then I'm not going to worry about it anymore, and just a__sume I'm having a very irregular cycle. Anyone else have very faint lines and end up with a BFP after a few days? Or did u find out they were just false positives?



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