Very Sore Stomach Muscles And Bad Back Pain

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Lacey - December 25

I am 3 DPO. Today the muscles in my lower bellie started to hurt. Like I have done a 100 sit ups. Only in lower bellie though. Also I had some weird cramping in uteras(sp) area. I also Have an extremely bad backache in lower back and in center back. Did I just do something to make me sore or could it be Pregnant signs this early?


lab tech - December 26

Honestly, I think you just did something that made you sore. Have you done anything out of the ordinary like start a new work out program, or re-arrange your furniture? This is coming from personal experience, and not my experience as a laboratory techinician. I didn't know I was prego until I was well into my second month. I hadn't had my period for about 2 months (I have been very irregular since puberty), and I was taking a physical. Lo and behold, the second line showed up on the test that I was running on myself... I had several other tests (urine and blood) by several different people because I didn't believe the results. Even after that, I didn't feel prego until a month later when I started eating like there was no tomorrow, and the entire restaraunt eschelon of our economy was going to implode at any minute. My advice, if you think your could be prego, take your prenatal vitamins, lay off tobacco and alcohol, and see your MD.


SaraD - December 30

Lacey-I am feeling the same way you are.My stomach is really sore and my lower back in the middle hurts too.It feels like someone has their knee pushed against my back.I have been having cramping like every other day.I think I O'd Monday or Tuesday.I just had 2 miscarriages,1 on Oct and 1 in Nov and I had the same kind of pains but not this early!!!I think it might be a good sign for us.I O'd early this month, I think because of the m/c. My last AF was Dec 17th.When are you due for AF?Keep in touch!



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