Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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Mandy - April 27

I just wanted to share my story. I started testing when I was about 3 weeks late, and the test was negative. I went to my family doctor when I was 7 weeks late, and she did a blood test, but she didn't check for hCG, she only checked my thyroid and some other hormones to make sure they were functioning normally. I did another htp when I was about 11 weeks late, and it still showed negative. I finally had an ultrasound done when I was a little over 15 weeks pregnant, and it proved that I was definitely pregnant. I don't know why all of my tests came out negative, but I'm definitely pregnant. Right now I am almost 18 weeks along and I couldn't be happier.


Catherine - April 28

Hi Mandy, I just realized you were the same Mandy from another thread- Congratulations!!!!!! I am SO happy for you. Your story has really encouraged and inspired me. I"m in the same boat you were and probably 9 weeks or so along, just waiting for my BFP- soooo happy for you that you got yours! And congratulations on a girl! All the best to you, thanks for sharing...


callieh - April 28

i'm 5 weeks late and still getting BFN's!! i've taken 5 HPT's and the same every time! i'm not really stressed so i don't think that's got anything to do with it. i've been a little nauseaus, lightheaded, tired as hell, had very little spotting 8 days after when i think i might have ovulated, been really thirsty, peeing all the time, bloated, and all i've wanted to do lately is eat oranges!! i'm going to wait a couple of weeks and if still no sign of AF i'm going to make a docs appointment. but like someone said before, i'm afraid of being dissappointed. getting a BFN on a blood test seems so final.. i guess i'm not ready to give up hope!


Elizabeth - April 28

Wow Mandy thanks for sharing! I am going this morning for a blood test. I hope that if I am then its positive! But, maybe its not time for us to know yet? Right now is kind of hectic--I'm in the middle of law school exams and my husband is trying to get accepted to grad school. But, man, three out of four nights this week my bladder has woken me up at 3am to pee and then I can't get back to sleep until like 5. I was watching Full House at 4:30 this morning. Then, from 4:00'ish in the afternoon until 7:30'ish pm I've been having this queasy uneasy like I could throw up type of feeling. Also, I had heartburn over the weekend and I'm moody and I have a metallic taste in my mouth. The doctor is going to test me for pregnancy and diabetes. I'm not sure which one I would rather it be at this point? I would love a baby even though its not exactly the right time--it may be God's time and thats great with me . . . . although its a little scary with my husband and I both in school and no income. wheww. I better go check if my student insurance covers pregnancy! I'll update when I get my blood test results.


Steph - April 28

I'm confused, as well! I was due last Saturday. Bled brown (old) blood for Sunday evening through Monday afternoon then stopped. Took a hpt on Wednesday morning and it was negative. I have absolutely no signs of starting my period but have been a little naseous, not had as much of an appet_te as usual and very bloated...just a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. I'm going to test again on Sunday if I don't start by then and make an appointment next week regardless of hpt results if I don't start. Have any of you or someone you know experienced something like this? Thanks!


Natalie - April 28

Hey, girls! I went to another doctor yesterday. No answer again. This is my 3rd doctor, 3rd blood test, and I don't even remember how many hpts I had. Only one hpt showed positive. All other tests showed negative. I have zillion pg symptoms, which I can't even recall all at once. Doctors even did pelvic exam, and looked inside, still can't see anything. All other tests normal. Actually at my last doctor's apointment she said that your uterus looks maybe 6 weeks pg. How these doctors can even say that, when I am either 11 weeks, or not at all. Anyway, I just want to ask girls who going thru the same thing, please keep us updated. I am going to scedule ulrtosound, and let everyone know.


Monique - April 28

I am now 3 weeks late and still no period...So far, took 3 Clearblue (+ -) and 2 of them were faint positives. Had urine and Blood test @ Doctor's that were Negative. Took First Respone after, Negative, and today I tried ClearBlue Digital also Negative....By reading your stories, I now Know for a fact that HPT are NOT accurate...I have possible symptoms, nauseous, daily bad headaches (never had any before like this), A LOT OF TINGLING sensations in my lower abdominal area (not gas or menstrual cramps)....just weird and constant tingling.....sore to the touch nipples, and EXTREMELY fatigued and drained every day......don't know what or who to believe.....you'd think the blood tests would show the HCG hormone if PGNT....but it didn't so far.....hopefully i'll find out sooner or later, the suspense is driving me nuts....I'm gonna try ClearBlue (+ -) again since I had 2 faint positives @ the beginning....Can't do anything else but wait I guess....grrrrr


Catherine - April 28

Elizabeth, did you get your results yet? Keep us updated...


Maranda S. - April 28

I feel your pain. I was in high school and thought I was "in love" seventeen what did I know? Well I should have know that s_x = baby. But anyway that is another topic for another time. My experience was that I had missed my period. I was horrified and took a "99.9% accurate pregnancy test". To my happiness the test was a negitive result. (Keep in mind I was 17). Two months pa__s by still no period. I again take another test. This one said NEGITIVE! But the joke of the matter is that by this time I was throwing up in the morning,sleeping all day long, crying non-stop,craving hot dogs with sour krautt, chilli and cheese ontop. I hate hot dogs! Oh and did I mention that my size A chest grew to a C cup over night! What is going on I thought? Finally I went to my older sister who introduced me to her OBGYN, she took a blood test and determind that I infact was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I gave birth to my daughter 4 days after I gradutated high school. If I had listened to the tests that are so "Error Proof" my child could have been born with birth deffects or something because I wouldn't have had the proper prenantal care for her. I think that they need to examine those tests and make them a little bit more accurate like they claim them to be. Just want to share this story let you know you are not alone, and also wish you the best of luck. Motherhood is trying, but so rewarding.


Catherine - April 28

Maranda, thanks for sharing. How old is your daughter now? Do you have any other children? If so, how long did it take for you to get your BFP with your other kids?


Amber - April 29

DESPARATION HELP!!!! I was 9 days late and just started my period, havent been late in 2 years, and my hcg quant_tive test was negative today, coul di still be pregnant????? I Want to be so bad, please respond someone!!! THANKS!!!


Cheree - April 29

Hi Gals! I haven't had a period since March 6th... My husband and I have been trying to conceive since last August "04" It's so brutal on your emotions waiting every month to see if AF is going to spare you or not. And then you find out that Britney Spears is pregnant! At which point you slam your head against a wall and say (or think) "I give up!" You ever been there? I have, jeesh!!! Here's my strory... My period is obviously very late which is unusual, I took a Publix brand (cheapy) hpt a week ago and it was negative, then I took a clear blue hpt (not digital) about five days later and it was a faint positive but still pos. I wanted to see if anyone has experinced these symptoms that were indeed prego... Breast hurt badly, But- now don't hurt as much, but nipple area is darker (can that happen this early?)tingly, and clearly b___st are larger. I have a constant rumbling feeling in my stomach, almost like a "hunger growl", lots of weird movement, ga__sy, breaking out like my teenage days, SWEET tooth, and I hate sweets, I am NOT a sweets eater ever! Tired as hell by 1pm, energy at night.Off white- dischrge. No sickness, although my mother said she NEVER experienced morning sickness, ever! Also- I am dreaming alot more vividly. Anyone else???? Help!-


Elizabeth - April 29

Hi everyone! --Catherine thank you for asking. I did actually just get my results. The doctor called a few minutes ago. Apparently they gave me a qualitative test and it came back negative. Sigh. I still feel pregnant though. I just ate lunch like 40 minutes ago and already I'm ravenously hungry. I pee all the time (especially at 3 am and then can't sleep until after 5) I'm exhausted (even after the nights when I get sleep), heartburn, bloody nose, my tummy gets queasy in the afternoons, bbs are feeling a bit fuller, I get short of breath very easily, and I have noticeable mood swings. I guess I'll just wait a couple of weeks and take another test? I'm kind of worried because my cousin never tested positive--they had to do an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy. I think everyone will think I'm crazy if I insist on an ultrasound! We'll see what happens in the next few weeks. I'll definitely keep you guys updated and look forward to reading your updates.


Elizabeth - April 29

hi, i am getting so annoyed. I haven't had a real period since around march 10th. I've had light spotting, but not enough to wear a pad or anything. I think I'm pregnant, but all those dang tests I keep wasting money on say I'm not. I've been so tired, and extremely sensitive to smell. The smell of things that usually wouldn't bother me make me throw up. My b___sts are tender and I keep feeling like i'm just about to start my period. I guess the next step would be going to the dr. Then I'm afraid of my blood test being negative. Oh well, I guess i'll just have to prove all these tests wrong in about 7 months. Wish me luck. ELizabeth


Elizabeth--now--Scarlett Jane - April 29

Hi =) There are two elizabeths on here a lot and I'm one of them so I'll go by Scarlett Jane since thats what we're going to name our first daughter. =) Just to clarify--I'm the elizabeth who just got negative qualitative results from the doctor this morning. Sigh. =). Alrighty, signing of as elizabeth and in the future look for posts by Scarlett Jane


elizabeth L - April 29

Sorry, I didn't notice there were two Elizabeths, so I'll be ELizabeth L.



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