Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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elizabeth L - April 29

Sorry, I didn't notice there were two Elizabeths, so I'll be ELizabeth L.


elizabeth L - April 29

Sorry I didn't notice there were more ELizabeths, So I'll be Elizabeth L. I'm the Elizabeth who keeps getting negatives and is so annoyed.


Catherine - April 29

First Elizabeth- if there's anything I am learning through all of this, it's dont' care what other people think! People might think you're crazy, but oh well! They're not inside your body feeling the way you do. You know your body better than anyone else, so push for a qualitative blood test or an ultrasound. How far along do you think you are? Be encouraged, I think you're pregnant, and don't give up! Keep us updated. Btw, are you Scarlett Jane or Elizabeth L?


Maranda S. - April 29

To answer your question Catherine my little girl will be 13 in November. YIKES! I have a son who will be 4 in June and with him I still had to take a test twice to deterimin the real result. To all of you out there trying don't give up and pray God will answer! And my other advise would be to trust your intuition. You know your body better then anyone else! If you think that there could even be a 3% chance I would recomend getting a blood test. To me that is the most accurate of the accurate. Good luck and God Bless you all!


Kerri - April 30

Maybe you ladies will get a chuckle out of me. We have been trying to get pregnant since January and it has been only 5 days since the insemination and I am feeling wierd sensations, a tightness in my abdomen, increased urination, Increased fullness and tenderness in my b___sts, and increased pressure in my abdomen making it difficult to get out all my urine when I go. Now has anyone actually experienced something like this so soon after attempting or am I just hoping so much it's all in my mind?


helpful - April 30

I think some of you are testing too early. Wait a week and try again. It will save you money. If your hpt and blood test is negative ask for a ultrasound. If the ultrasound is negative, you are not pregnant. Sometimes we can want something so bad and our bodies react to it. Good Luck!!!


Khadijah - May 1

I took a test 3 days after a missed period and it was negative. I later read that the test (Be Sure) was recalled by its manufacturer. So, I purchased another brand that was supposed to detect 5 days BEFORE a missed period. I tested the second time at 5 days after my missed period. It also came out negative. I also have my doubts whether I am preganant or not. Strangest thing: my b___sts will produce some milk (I did wean my child a month ago so maybe its not strange). I wonder if I should retest?


casper - May 1

um hey i'm 19 and a little worried, i have my last period feb the 9th it's now may the 1st and i haven't had it again, i've done heaps of home preg tests and they al said negative so i'm kinda thinking whats wrong with me, i haven't been throwen up or anytihing


Monique - May 1

Casper.......I would recommend you go see your doctor, if you had the same cycles in the past and this time your period is 11 weeks overdue, forget about those negative HPT, and go for blood tests, or even an ultrasound....If you feel that there is a chance you might be prgnt, follow your gut feelings, and go see your doctor.....If not prgnt, have them find out why you've been skipping your periods....The HPT are not as accurate as they say they are. By reading tones of stories on this web site, anything can happen....Do you have any symptoms?? Let me know what's going on, and so will I. (I am now 24 days late, all HPT neg, and 2 blood tests neg....if you scroll up, my info is allready there. I have an ultrasound scheduled for this week.....we'll see what that does),....G/L and keep me posted :)


casper - May 2

i have rung up the FPA and have an oppointment to see there doctor on the 16th of this month so ya. i haven't really had any sympotoms apart from my nipples being a little sore but that doesn't mean that i'm pregnant. but i guess i'll see. if i am god knows what the guy would say i mean if i was i'm sure it would be cody's but who knows. good luck with the ultra sound


Monique - May 2

Casper....Thanks, I will keep you girls posted....It's good that you have an apointment to go see your doctor....It might clear up some answers for you....Let us know and stay positive.... :)


Rhonda - May 5

I am going out of my mind!! To make long story shorter. I tested in Dec. Negative.. I tested in jan. Negative. I miscarried Jan. 21 was 6 weeks pregnant. Now my lmp was march 19, 2005 I always figured i couldnt get pregnant after no protection for 13 years. So once I got over the shock of MC and pregnancy.. i was like lets go for it. Now, Since the first week in april i have been having flutterings, cramping, nose bleeds, and stuffy nasal pa__sage just like in jan. I am hpt addicted. Everyone on the market says negative.. I found a lab (who i thought and should i say was told) that does hcg level testing..but no... 30 bucks for another yes or no.. errrrrr anyways.. i went to obgyn who did nothing but a urine test and press test as i call it.. sorry the last time i checked my uterus was not at the opening.. sorry for the tmi.... now today is the 5th. I just got results from blood test.. negative as suspected. my b___bs are sore, Im tired. I am moody beyond. my b___st looks like road maps. Metallic taste in my mouth, Now for the scarey part.. a couple days ago i spotted real light brown at first, then I noticed a tint of pink, this is only when i wiped. then RED.. OMG>. i was so scared.. i could not be going through another mc.. it went back to brown, dark brown, and then a near trace of brown. today you can barely see anything. last night i started having a pain in my shoulder. ANd being the one who has to check everything on the net. I ran across etopic... cramps in abdomen, light brown spotting, shoulder pain thats me. Now this morning....... no pain, no spotting, tightness in neck area.. probably stress. along with bloatedness, I am 20 days late.. I am scared.. doc gave me aygestin to start period.. but I can only think i only felt like this one other time... and I was pregnant.. and test showed negative.. HELP!!!!!!


Nat - May 5

Hey, girls! I went to another doctor yesterday. No answer again. This is my 3rd doctor, 3rd blood test, and I don't even remember how many hpts I had. Only one hpt showed positive. All other tests showed negative. I have zillion pg symptoms, which I can't even recall all at once. Doctors even did pelvic exam, and looked inside, still can't see anything. All other tests normal. Actually at my last doctor's apointment she said that your uterus looks maybe 6 weeks pg. How these doctors can even say that, when I am either 11 weeks, or not at all. Anyway, I just want to ask girls who going thru the same thing, please keep us updated. I am going to scedule ulrtosound, and let everyone know.


jes - May 5

hey ladies...i am in the same boat as many of you..my last normal af was feb 13..when i was late in march i took 3 hpt all came out neg.. march 31 i got af for a couple of days but it wasnt normal it would come and go ever couple hours..it is not the 5th of may and still no af...i went to the doctors today and had a urine test which came out neg..i have never missed a period since i have had mine at age 11 i am now 19..i have been feeling tired none stop..hungry all the time..b___bs were extremly sore in the middle almost end of march.even the pressure of the shower hurt them they were so sore..have felt weird sensation in my lower abdomen have been peeing lots and dying of thurst all the time..and i have gained about 10 pounds which is not normal for me at all....any advice would be wounderfull as i am very very scared...


June - May 5

Hello, I have read threads here with women who did not test positive until later in their pregnancy. I also have read about women who had their periods for a while if not throughout the whole pregnancy. To those who this happened to I am curious to know a couple of things: 1. grandpa viv said that the bfn (but pregnant) most often happend to "plump" women - would you agree that that is correct? 2. what about other symptoms - any at all? 3. Did this happen to any of you who are not "plump"? 4. Was the period during pregnancy the same as when you were not pregnant? I have been trying to find info about this on line, but I have a hard time finding it. Therefore I decided to ask here where the real people are and who can give me real answeres! Thank you in advance - I am looking forward to hearing your stories!


Jenice - May 5

Well, for an update, I'm currently 12 weeks late. I went to my doctor and he did a blood test. (Except he didn't do a pg blood test, he did the thyroid and everything else test. ARGGH!) My results came back...normal. (Of course they did, since the name of the game is "confuse the girl and get her thinking that she's crazy...") But the good thing is that he referenced me to see the local gynocologist (yay! no more 2 hour drives for me!!) to have an ultrasound done. Bad news...my appointment is for the 31st. AHHHH! I can't believe I have to wait almost another month to find out if there's a baby in there. The good thing is...I haven't taken an hpt in 2 weeks, and I'm still sane! :o) Don't mind me...I'm just losing my mind over here!



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