Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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Truluv15 - July 6

I am in the same boat as everyone else. My last AF arrival was back in April. Late June I started spotting nothing heavy though lasted a couple of days. I have been nauseous, lower back pains (especially when I lay down and try to get up) tender b_____st, lower abdominal cramping nothing painful, gaining weight (pants that fit before no longer close, or if it does it hurts) dizziness, and frequent urination. I took several HPT all negative, went to the hospital because I felt that sick and with negative PT I figured something was wrong. Their UT came out negative and no detected infections. I am so confused. I just want to know. I have my OBGYN appt. the 13th in one week. Can't wait to figure out what is going on. My friend said since I want to be pregnant I'm making myself feel this way. But some of these symptoms can't be made up even if I tried.


SamSam - July 10

HI all. Im having the weirdest feeling ever. I did 3 hpts in my 2nd delay of period. And got positive so i kept on checking the following days and got all positive. So i went to the doctor and she made me do a blood test which came out negative. Im so confused cause even after the negative blood test i did hpts and all positive. So i did another quantitative test and waiting for few hours for the results. Im so nervous and confused. I just want to know if im pregnant or not. Ive never been so late and im now 7 days late


Jaeedub - July 18

Okay so, i haven't always had irregular periods, they actually started being irregular about 2-3 years ago. they'll stop for 3 months and i'll be on for 10-14 days and they be regular for awhile. well in Nov. 27th i started my period after being off for 3 months only this time i was on til Chirstmas. My boyfriend and i took advantage of this so we did the deed on new years eve, the next moring i woke up and had started again and it was 10 days long happy-medium flow, and since then i had a regular period , well in april i had a 3 day very light period and i thought nothing of it because it was a period to me, may came and i didnt get a period so i thought maybe they were acting up again. i tested a week before my birthday (5/22) and got a negative , tested 3 more times days apart and still negative so i gave up on testing figured it was irregularity. I was only testing because i had a lot of symptoms, morning sickness, tender breast, some cramping, and i just felt off. Well its now July 20th and i've been going through absolutely every pregnancy symptom to book. food aversions, food cravings, darkening nipples, extremely tender breast, morning sickness/constant nausea , visable veins, as of about 3 weeks ago i started to feel what i would describe as tapping, or bubbles being shot at the inside of my stomach, at first i didnt feel it everyday it was more every other day, then it was randomly everyday, now i feel it the majority of the time, i've gained 15lbs since april, within the last week i have been spotting brown blood, yesterday there was a lot of brown blood but not enough to claim period but i put a liner on and went to bed, woke up with nothing on the liner. i've been wiping pink, but not spotting pink. i've talked to my mom about it and she keeps telling me she doesn't think i am, but i've gone from eating spaghetti everyday to throwing up eating one bite, lately i've been craving potatoes in every form.. i've read a few articles about why women get false negatives, and most common reasons are - irregularity - overweight - stress & - denial. I just so luckily fit every stinking category! I'm scared to go to the doctors in case of actually not being pregnant, I also have no insurance. I've had friends tell me their sisters/cousins/aunts/grandmas have been further along and got negative pregnancy tests but i have yet to speak with someone whose actually gone through this themselves. 


Evaw - July 24

I'm 43 days late, no positive pee tests. Overslept and missed my doc appointment last week to figure out what's going on. That said, being overly tired is my only symptom but that can *easily* be explained away. (I won't bore you with the details).  My first period missed was in June but I did get some brown spotting only when I wipped and it was ten days late. Haven't had sex since April 16 - the day before my last period. (TMI? Sorry). 


tedy82 - August 3

hi ladies, please help i'm confused, my last period started on the 29 june and had sex on the 04th july,on the 22nd of july i had implantation bleeding and it lasted for few hours, 2 days after implantation bleeding i have started to feel cramps and mentruation pains and a week after a low back pain, i have tested neg on the 29th july, and my period was suppose to start again on the 28 but started on the 31st of august, but i'm still feeling a back pain even after my period, please help.


Kimberly R - August 19

Hi my name is Kimberly, I'm 31 years old and  5 days late . Back in June the week of the 20 my period only lasted for 4 days I took a test it was postive , so I went to the health department 2 days later and they tested me it was postive . So on July 7, 2015 I went to my primary doctor for confirmation the urine and blood test came back negative . Ok so I didn't stress even  though they thought I was crazy .  Ok so my period came on for the month of July only lasted 4 days again.  Mind u normally  my cycle last for 8 days.  But I didn't swest so it's July I'm having symptoms nipples hurting, vomiting , urine frequently cravings . Okay now we in the month of August my cycle suppose to start on the 15th nope I'm 5 days late.  So on the 3rd day late I went to the emergency room I felt movement in my stomach . They tested me urine an blood again still negative.  Gosh this is driving me crazy so yesterday which was the 4th late I went back to my primary they did urine again still negative.  Still feel movement. So finally I got a referral for and ultrasound on Monday I can't wait cause I swear . These doctors at the health department  told me back in June that I conceived I'm may around the 26 . But these others doctor say I'm not pregnant.  Geesh could these test be wrong someone please let me no if u have problem like mine thanks 


happygreen - August 25

:) Some encouragement - We ttc my son (12 years ago), so I was paying attention.  MANY negative hpt's, then bloodwork hcg level came back so low and slow to rise that I was told to expect a miscarriage.  Weeks passed, waiting for that m/c, while my mom guessed I was pregnant but we didn't want to tell anyone yet.  It was months before the doctor said the pregnancy seemed viable, which it was completely healthy baby boy.  


.... A few years later, I had some unexpected symptoms, didn't even mess with hpt's, my doctor quickly confirmed pregnancy.  Baby girl was healthy, still is.


.........I remarried 4 years ago, to Dh who had a vasectomy 13 years ago.  Yet, there have been three times that I have felt pregnant, each ended with late periods.   NOW, I have been feeling pregnant for 9 weeks (11 weeks since LMP).  I have a new ob/gyn (thanks insurance) who thinks it's all in my head.  "You don't want to be pregnant," he told me two years ago.  And this time, I called his office and asked for bloodtest, but they said insurance wouldn't cover it without positive urine test.  I said I'd pay for it myself.  Well, it came back negative = "2."  But other bloodtests ruled out PCOS, which was good to know.  I had my yearly pap/exam when I thought I might be 7 weeks pregnant, and he did it in 30 seconds, told me all looked fine and the unusual cramping might be endometriosis.  But my periods are very regular, 4-5 days long, no cramps.  Anyway, he said, "You don't want endometriosis."  @@  



I am a type 1 diabetic, so had also turned to my endo for help.  She all but rolled her eyes, advised me to stop eating gluten, and try yoga.   :( thanks B


Today I could be 11 weeks pg - or maybe not.  We can't afford to pay for ultra-sound.  My drs think I'm crazy.  I don't feel comfortable ruling out possibility of pregnancy.  I've had only 2 days of vey mild bleeding the past two "periods," along with NUMEROUS pregnancy symptoms.  My breasts/nipples ache.  I don't tell anyone but my closest friend - haven't even told my Dh bc he wouldn't believe me.  I will be so mad if I am, and not getting prenatal care.  I just want to KNOW, without a doubt, if I am not.  


I will repost if/when I find out!  Hope it's soon for all of us, one way or another.  



esther sue - August 27

On June 12 I had what I assumed to be implantation bleeding and I waited till days before period was due on july 10 and started testing got negative results using dollar store tests then never started and kept testing with same test and clear blue and first responce with negative result then on july 20 my side started to hurt and feet swelled and I started to spot prior to this I had so many sighns of pregnancy and then on july 23 I began to flood and had a miscarrage but all test wer negative and now once again this month had what I thought was implantation bleeding and pregnancy symptoms I have a horrible taste in my mouth cant even drink coke which normally I have always drank just eat ice and it taste funny my mouth taste bitter along with everything else and swollen look pregnant and fatigue is horroble my breast are tender and was suppose to start august 19 and am now 8 days late and dollar store tests say negitive I have had three children and three miscarages and never had test not show right after missed period going to try first responce september 1 trying to be patient is very hard and am afraid of losing more babies 



stormi_dawn143 - August 30

I think I might be having the same experience, but I'm not sure what to think anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My periods have always been regular 30-day cycle. I always get my period on the 18th of every month. I am 12 days late today(8/30/2015). I have taken 9 hpt's and all have came back negative. A couple days ago I went to the doctor and he took a urine sample, which I was also told was negative. I haven't had any symptoms. I have been more tired then usual I guess you could say. I'm not sure what to think. Anyone else been in my shoes?


bettyt - September 10

I'm having the same problem. My last menstrual cycle was July 8,2015. I have pregnant systoms. Ive taken several test. They all came back negative. Went to the doctor on Sept. 8 2015 urine test came back -. My blood work have not came back yet but i get a sonogram today. Im nervous and excited. I hope i'm pregnant. Congratulations on your pregnancy 


mich7 - September 22

Hi, I had urine test positive, but my blood test, was negative. I'm only two days late is possible to be pregnant? i been taking fertility treatments and I know I ovulated, please give me some advice.


Godschild - October 9

Hey ladies, I haven't had a period for 2 months now, I've taken 3 hpt's and went to the doctor only to have a negative blood test. My periods have always been regular and have always came around the first or second week of the month. LMP was Aug 7th. I'm nervous & confused I have what I think are pregnancy symptoms, lower back hurts, sleepy a lot, a few times I felt nauseous but it faded quickly. Any suggestions or advice? I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor to find out what the next step is. I was offered by my doc some pill to make my period start but I refused because I'm hoping and praying that I am pregnant.


beccalynn13 - October 28

Hi everyone, I need some advice.. I had sex 5 days before my due period. I was then late then started what I believe to be implantation bleeding 3 days after my late period.. Which I am never late. It has been over a week since my period has been late, and I have taken multiple hpt and all negative.. Could I still be pregnant? What should I do? 


jones45305 - November 10

In August I found out I was pregnant Sept 4th I miscarried at 5wks 4 days. I had a regular period 28 days later for 4 days which is my regular cycle. So my last period was Oct 2nd so I am now 12 days late. 5 hpt negative 1 blood test sat <5. Idk what's going on use ovulation strip multiple apps. I feel pregnant I am nauseous in the morning I feel bloated and my temp has still remained elevated. 


Brittani98 - November 16

I need some opinions. Warning this may be a long post. So I switched birth controls to one with no estrogen only progestin. I've had two periods since I started. One obviously when I first started this kind and another one the third week of the pack bc I missed a pill. I'm now on the second week of the second pack and got no period at the end of the first pack like I should have. Do you think my cycle could have just changed to that second period thing? Sorry I know this is confusing. I feel like deep down in pregnant. Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex all the time and he doesn't pull out. I've got three negative tests (dollar tree brand) any opinions please help! 


Sierrastar - November 20

I am 18 years old and my period is always at the same time. I am currently 19 days late with negative urine tests. Could I be pregnant ? 



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