Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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Sierrastar - November 20

I am 18 years old and my period is always at the same time. I am currently 19 days late with negative urine tests. Could I be pregnant ? 


ashleykelley177 - December 8

My period 25 days late and i went to the doc they said im negative like their no way that im not pregnant i even experience sharp pain in my lower area i even felt sick and stuff one thing i havent experience is sore breast but i felt stuff in my boobs but i feel pregnant 


elle white - December 15

Since stopping birth control 6 months ago, I have had a very regular 30 day cycle . . . until now. I am now 48 days past the start of my last period (Oct. 28, 2015), or 2.5 weeks late. I have taken six home pregnancy tests and all have been negative. But I am convinced I must be pregnant because the sudden change to my cycle. I experienced very light browinish spotting 1 week before my period was due, was having really bad headaches the week before my period was due and am majorly bloated. I have an appointment with my doctor in three days but the nurse said they will do the same test as I am doing at home. It is very frustrating. If I am pregnant I would be roughly 7 weeks.


Catlin93 - December 22

I'm 22 years old and I'm currently 26 days late. My period is semi-regular though it has been up to 60 days late before due to stress. My BF and I had unprotected sex last October 17, 20, and 23rd just after my last period when the risk was lowest. I have taken 3 tests and all negative. I don't have a doctor nor the money for a blood test or ultrasound to see if it's would still be negative then. I have had possible symptoms: fever, sharp pains in my lower back and abdominal area, more craps than usual, more headaches than normal, sore breasts, mood swings, fatigued, change in eating habits...

Granted I would love to be a mom but I can't handle a kid right now if I can't even handle myself. Could I possibly be pregnant?


GraceRose - January 3

Never posted anything online but this forum seems helpful. I am 22 years old. I missed my period for November. I have not been sexually active for many years except in October. This is my first time missing my period. I have taken many HPT and all have come up negative. But, I feel that I am.. Constant body discomfort, nauseas when bending, pain in ribs sometimes, on a certain side, backache, and can smell things a mile away and sometimes it upsets my stomach.. any ideas..


kscooter - January 15

Hi, I'm 7 months PP. I only breast fed for one month, but, whenever I squeeze my breasts I still get drops of milk. They never express by themselves though. My breasts it seems have gotten bustier too within the last month and half. I had my first menses one month after my baby, was on the pill for like a week then quit. I plan on getting an IUD finally next week. Husband and I have only gotten busy once since my little guys' been born. We used the pull out method AND my husband didn't even finish as was too tired. That was in November. I freaked and got a blood test. Came back negative and I soon had my period. I am on day 38 now of my cycle and had another blood test that came back negative to rule pregnancy out on Sunday. My cycles have been 25,12,18,25,30, and 27 since I had my son. The short one was due to coming off the pill. I hope all that is happening is me overeacting. What are people's thought? Thanks for listening!


JaneneMM - March 15

Hello, I am in this situation right now and wondering, did you continue to get negative tests the entire pregnancy?  I am measuring 18 weeks now which matches the dates for my last period, but, blood test were negative and home tests remain negative. I am going out today to buy maternity pants because nothing fits but I have not had confirmation yet. I admit, I dread going to see a doctor and being told nothing is going on again.


Bayleey - January 16

Hi Sharon, I recieved a fast clear blue digital positive pregnancy test. Then an hour later got a negative. Had some light bleeding. Then tested nothin but negatives even at the doctor. But I'm having lower back aches, a lot and a lot of bloating,and nausea after almost everything I eat. I feel like there's an elastic band around my uterus and back or something. My uterus is starting to feel hard. So I don't know what going on. Does this sound at all like what happened to you?


Ashley91 - March 20

I've taken five and gotten mixed results. I'm 25 and in college. I have almost all the symptoms of pregnancy. A baby wasn't expected, but it would be welcome. I'm praying that I am...


BenitaM - March 23

Hi Ladies, I havent commented online for atleast a year, I am new to this site though.  Hoping to get some insight on this thread.  So, in January I started using the maybebaby ovulation predictor, it so happened that I ovulated on between the 17th of January to the 20th of January, since we have been trying for 5 years obviously we did the baby dance before and during that time.  I decided to test because we had a bachelorette party on the 4th of february and I do not want to consume alchohol when there is a possibility that I might be pregnant, dont know what I was thinking because looking back now it was waaaaay to early.  Anyways, so I did a test on the 1st of February, POSITIVE, I was so suprised but decided not to get to excited and I tested again on the 2nd, POSITIVE again but this time darker, and then again didnt want to get to excited and decided to test again with a clear blue plus test on the 3rd and once again POSITIVE, decided to do a blood test and negatvice, less than 5 count.  I made an appointment with a gynae he did not notice anything and gave me provera (I have PCOS, have verry irregular periods).  I had 7 x 10mg pills, 2 days after the provera i started with my period. First day being 16th of February, last day 21 February.  Now when I do get periods it is extremely painfull and last about 3 - 5 days, heavy for the first 2 days but not to heavy, I use regular size tampons and the tampons are never full, this time around I used pads, never full, not even close to full, i have read that Provera periods are the worst, lots of clotting and lots of pain and it was the complete oposit for me.  So about two weeks back my breast started to hurt, the left one is worse and more sensitive than the right one.  I have cramping not to much though, and do believe that I urinate more than often, I have been through pregnancy symptoms for the last 5 years so I have learned not to rely on them alone, but this is the first time that I suspect pregnancy was my boobs painfull.  so i am kind of hopefull, but also I do not know if its side effects from the provera, but could side effects start after 2 weeks of taking it and last for another 2 weeks?  I dont know what to expect but it is as if the hope is arising again, and the desire which I managed so well in January, I do not want to loose it again.  I do however regret the provera, I should of been patient.  I have read that provera cannot cause a misscarriage but also not to stop provera while pregnant because it might start bleeding, I should of just been patient. 


Kendybug23 - April 30

I am pretty sure I am going through the same thing. I haven't had a period since February 18th and I have taken probably 15 to 20 tests that habe all come out negative. I have calculated that if I were pregnant I would be 10 weeks and 1 day by lmp. I am only a couple lbs more than I was 2 months ago (I am overweight so with me a couple lbs doesn't affect my clothing) but none of my jeans are fitting anymore. My breasts are bigger, my nipples are looking different, I'm tired all the time. I had vomitting and nausea about a month ago but it went away. I even have that pregnancy line! I'm going to try and go Tuesday to the pregnancy resource place in town to get an ultrasound but I am just so scared that I am crazy or having a psychological pregnancy thing. I'm so terrified. And I want another baby so bad so I'm afraid if I'm not pregnant then something must be wrong with me. If it is then I'm afraid I will not be able to have a baby so easily. If anyone wants an update if I go get that ultrasound I will post one. Thanks for the ears (or eyes as it were.)


Lianneh30 - May 5

Hi there I think I am 12 weeks plus pregnant and every test I have done has been negative even the doctors and the blood test I was at the doctors last Friday and demanded for a scan as I have all the symptoms and feelings and my stomach is getting bigger now so he's going to send me for a scan has this ever happened to anyone and when they got a scan there was no baby? 


mammaof3 - May 8

I knew almost instantly when I got pregnant with my last child. I had all the symptoms and she was my third baby. Although I knew I was pregnant, all test were negative home and at the hospital. Doctor's, friends, and family started thinking I was just crazy. The doctors told me that I just wanted a baby so badly that that's why I had all the symptoms. I started thinking I was crazy the more and more months that passed and all test were Negative. I started testing in January and didn't get a positive test until finally in May. My doctor told me that some women just have such a low level it is hard to detect even if you are. I was almost 5 months by the time I got a positive result. On a positive note, you know your body better than anyone. I'm glad that I still took prenatal vitamins and watched what I ate and didn't drink during this time. 


Lianneh30 - May 8

I am the same I just know I am pregnant as my stomach is getting bigger and I have all the symptoms and feelings that's why I am pushing for a scan as all the tests I have took are negative and it's frustrating me now, I have been looking after myself and stopped drinking alcohol when I thought I was I wasn't planning on getting pregnant so not like I was wanting this but if I am then it's a blessing ????


Jessey1981 - May 10

I've never posted before but am looking for any sort of insight. Have taken 7 pregnancy tests all positive except for one and a positive digital. Went to the doctor for blood work and my hcg is at 1. They are saying I was never pregnant and am not pregnant. I have had no bleeding at all and don't feel "normal". They won't take me seriously even though I have tons of positive tests? I've heard some woman don't produce enough hcg to be detected for a few months and the tests are all faint positives but definitely positives. If I miscarried shouldn't I bleed and if I didn't shouldn't my doctor want to do a DNC??? So confused!


Lianneh30 - May 10

Aww it is horrible when that happens and things aren't just simple and people don't listen to you I was the opposite I have had all negative results but I know there is something going on in my stomach I have had all the symptoms and feelings aswell and my stomach is getting bigger I am 14 weeks now and I have demand a scan be done so I think you should wait another week try a test again and if still positive then go back to your doctor and demand a scan aswell as you know you're own body good luck x



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