Week Late Having Symptoms Neg Test

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heatherbug20 - April 5

I am currently a week and 1 day late. Me and my hubby had s_x days before I was due to ovulate, the day of, and 2 days after. A few days later I went to wipe after I peed and had pinkish spotting on the toilet paper.. but it only happened that once. I've been very fatigued, been having head aches, and I've been eating more. And tonight I got sick and threw up and felt really dizzy while out in town. I don't know what to think because I've taken 3 preg tests, they all have came out neg. I'm so confused. Anyone else have or have had this problem but ended up pregnant? I really hope I am, but I don't wanna get my hopes up. I've been pregnant in the past, but have had 3 miscarriages in the last 3 years. I'm just really confused and don't know what to think. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, Thank You!


heatherbug20 - April 5

PS: Also, my b___sts are VERY sore and my areolas are a slight bit darker in color... not much, but enough to be slightly noticeable. its like i have all the symptoms but neg test... so CONFUSING!!!!!!!


heatherbug20 - April 5

Turns out I'm a lil more late than i thought.. i checked my calender and i'm actually 10 days late.. so, 1 week 3 days. i know thats only 2 days off from what i posted before, but i wanted to be precise.


SallyRue - April 5

You might have ovulated alittle bit later than you thought, also bare in mind that it takes about 6-12 days for implantation to occure, then the HCG hormone is produced, it takes 2 more days for it to reach detectable levels + some HPTs only detect pregnancy when hormone reaches 100..taking all that in concideration there is a chance you'd have a false negative, dont want to put your hopes high but there is a chance you might still be pregnant since you have symptoms.. with my first pregnancy i tested positive for urine 12 days after my missed.. i got a positive 2 days after a missed period on a blood test thou, but out of curiousity kept trying those HPTs to see when i was getting a positive and it only hoppened on day 12 of a missed period. I suggest you try a blood test, its far more accurate and gives you earlier resuls.. good luck!


heatherbug20 - April 5

thank you :)


heatherbug20 - April 6

my sister just got done asking me "WHY are you peeing so much?" I said "What do you mean?" (playing dumb) She replied "You have peed about 3 times in the last hr!"


SallyRue - April 6

Thats another symptom of pregnancy. It can be very frustrating when HPTs keep coming back negative, been there before. Your Pinkish spot might have been implantation bleeding, that's very common, specialy around the time you suggested. My advice would be to wait 2 more days and retest, you might want to use a different brand with a higher sensetivity using morning urine..if u still get negative results then see your doctor and ask for a "quant_tative" blood test, it tells you exactly how much HCG there is in your system, its the most accurate pregnancy test you can have, i think ....Best of luck, crossing my fingers for you!


Shea831 - April 6

I did the same thing this time around. I thought the 2 days of spotting in July was my period, because I have always been irregular, But when Aug came around and no period, I thought something was wrong, because I wasn't having symptoms. So the middle of Sept. I took a test and it was positive. I was two months pregnant and did know it. The first pregnancy, I took about 6 test and they were all negative. But a blood test said I was pregnant. That's when I found out that the first morning bathroom trip was the better way to do it, when you are not that far along, and have all of the symptoms of pregnancy. It's always best to check with a doctor. I hope everything turns out the way you want it. Good luck


SallyRue - April 8

Hello Heather, Any luck? i hope things turn out the way you want :) Good luck



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