Weird Periods

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karen - November 10

I have been on here for months telling all you fine women about how i felt and the ups and downs of pregnancy test. Some were faint some said no. I did the wait too long thing also. I had a blood test done at the doctors back on oct. 19 and that was neg. I had an u/s done then too but i asked them and they said they were just checking my ovaries. In late sep. and all through oct. I have felt like c__p. I was getting up in the middle of the night at least once a week because i was going to get sick and did one tome. I felt movement but talked myself into gas. I have felt the full pulling feeling. i felt it all. well now things seem to be better. but all through that i was spotting. 2 days or for just a few hours but is was soo light brown, pink and not all the time. well it has been 27 days since i last spotted an i was waiting for a period. on sunday night it came VERY ligt only when i wipped. next day was alittle more and it was mostly gone by the third day(making 2 full days really) last night dh and i "spent time" toghether and this morning and i had more blood then it stopped by the end of today. Just when i think its gone he always makes it come back :) well my question is....i usually get VERY VERY heavy periods with all the colors and clots, for 7 days /6 if i'm lucky. these periods are not normal for me!!! in a womans oppinion what should i do about this? should i give my doc a call or just call it a period and move on with life. also doc. hasn't been very helpful through this whole thing. In two months i spoke to him one time and now i keep getting his nurse. no help


karen - November 11

my 2.5 day period is gone and my chest still really hurts.


mel - November 11

My sister in law had on and off periods through her pregnancy. Have you tested again ?


Timbits - November 11

Karen, I know how you feel. I used to get heavy periods that lasted 4 to 5 days with lots of cramps. Now I have been getting light bleeding for 2 to 3 days and no cramps. Instead, I get the cramps two weeks after my period(light bleeding).I have tested with an hpt and it came out negative. I have no idea what is going on. I guess I'll see what happens this month.



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