Well Over Four Weeks Late And Still 3 Negative Hpt S

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jazmyn - December 11

ok, i have been trying for about thee months to get pregnant. the first day of my last period was october 11th, i have the worst "bloated" feeling, extreme br___t tenderness, nausea with some vomiting, and severe severe severe cramping, but it is like nothing i have ever felt before. another symptom, if you can call it that, has been that i am very umcomfortable sitting for long periods of time...my hips seem to hurt all the time.... so with all of this information, my question to anyone that can help me is this: i have taken four pregnacy tests, two EPT's and two clear blue digitals, all four were negative. i have taken them in the morning and varied times having taken my last one a week ago? is there a chance that i could be pregnant? i made a doctor apointment, but the soonest they could see me is next thursday. im not sure about these Hpt's and their accuracy. according to a web site "due date calculator" and my last period, i would be 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant, could a hpt still come out negative? thank you for any response to this question. i know i should just wait and go to the doctor, but if any of you out there want a baby as badly as i do, i am sure you can understand that six days is more like six years to find out for sure. thanks again.


shelley - December 12

Hi Jazmyn, I'm dealing with the same issue. My last one starting on oct 17, but was only 1 day, I'm still getting neg tests and had a neg blood test 2 days after my nov af was late, so maybe that was early, but I also can't get into the dr. till thursday, my ob dr can't get me in till late jan. Hoping that all comes out the way you want. Make sure you let me know what your dr says or finds.


tamara - December 12

its nice to know that im not going through this alone. the first day of my last period was Oct. 4th and i haven't seen my period since. i have also been experiencing some nausea, b___st tenderness, dizziness & fatigue. but it was really wierd because during last month i was really bloated and full after i ate and now im always hungry and i smell everything!!! i have taken more than 4 pregnancy tests, all negative, and i am waiting to take a blood test thursday as well. i know that i am not stressing over this, i just want to know the answer just to be sure that i am healthy. good luck jazmyn and shelley, i hope everything works out for you!!


jazmyn - December 14

shelly and tamara! thank God you guys are going thru the same thing i am. not that i wish it on you, but i have been searching and searching for someone that hasnt had AF as long as i have. i feel like we should all own stock in the HPT business! i am so 'bloated' that i almost cant fit into my clothes anymore and my stomach is hard. i cannot get comfortable to save my life! i toss and turn, pace the floors, i have even tried sitting up and sleeping. i have went from a b cup to a c cup with my bra and it almost hurts to have the water from the shower hit my b___sts they are so sore. i had some major cramping this past weekend, but now nothing. not one sign of blood since oct 11th....no spoting or anything! and about smelling everything, i totally know what you mean...i did smoke but i quit before i even thought i could be pregnant because the smell of smoke makes me so sick to my stomach i just gag. also the other thing that is unusal for me is i am normally a BIG sweet eater, for the past month all i want is "real" food. i also should buy stock in the toilet paper companies, i have never peed so much in my entire life! i cannot wait until thursday. the wait is killing me. what is so bad and worries me about the three of us is that if we arent pregnant, something has to be wrong. i have never gone this long with my visit from aunt flo. best of luck to you guys and please keep me posted!


KeriJean - December 14

I'm with you gals. First day on my last period was nov 2nd..I'm usually regular about 28-30dys...and I got a neg. test yesterday morning...Don't know what to think....Hopefully things turn out for all of us.


shelley - December 14

Good morning. Still no sign for me, I have no offically missed 2 cycles. Only 1 more day to wait till the dr. I plan to go in there and demand a qualitive blood test, a thyroid test, an ultrasound for a tubal pregnancy, a missed miscarriage, a normal pregnancy and to check for cysts. My symptoms are disappearing the last couple of days, so now I'm wondering if it's all in my head or my Oct cycle was implentation bleeding and I'm actually entering the second trimester. Good luck tomorrow girls


jazmyn - December 14

well girls, just wanted to sprinkle baby dust on all of us and wish those of you who are going to the dr tomorrow good luck! i will post as soon as i have an answer!


shelley - December 15

not so good news here. My dr says that the blood test I had on Nov 23 was less than 1. So definatly not prego. He is testing my hormones to see if maybe I have cysts or gone into menopause, I'm only 33. Hes also checking my thyroid and doing another quantative hcg test to be sure. Baby dust to you all


suzie - December 15

Hi girls, I too am in the same boat with you.I have been taking clomid for three months and af has always been old faithful! My last af started on oct.20.I took my last doses of clomid following that af.I have had2 neg home tests and a neg one at the doc today. Internal exam showed today my uterus is enlarged to what he thought could be an 8 week prnancy but in the same breath my uterus was hard not boggy which isn't a good sign. We did blood tests today and will have results monday. I hate this waiting and hoping!My only wish for x-mas is a + preg test.


jazmyn - December 16

well girls....i am in no better boat than i was three weeks ago...i was so excited about going to the dr...even though i didnt want - results, at least i thought it would be an answer....anyway heres the story, i went in took the test, and it came back negative....my dr checks me out, says that she is convinced i am pregnant. she just thinks that i am not as far along as i originally would have thought. (i thought i would be about 9 weeks) she said that i am probably only two to three weeks along and do not have enough hormone in my urine to show up positive a this time. in fact she was so certain she went back and did a second preg test. basically she told me to abstain from s_x (if possible, or use extreme protection) and come back in two weeks where we will do another pregnancy test (if aunt flo hasnt visited at that time) i thought that it was a little unproffessional for her to tell me that i probably am even though i tested negative, she just said that all of my signs and symptoms (even after the 'exam') point straight to pregnancy and that other than that i am healthy as a horse. no worries of cysts, cancer, or anything else. the only thing i can think is that i could have gotten pregnant right as i was about to start my november cycle....but at this point i dont know....to be honest i am so confused i dont even know what times of the month you can get pregnant. i am so frusterated with this situation. there is nothing i would love more than to have a baby, but i just wish i knew for sure. the waiting is worse than taking a beating! so at this point all i can do is hurry up and WAIT! christmas is comming, i have holiday shopping, gatherings, plus i have work so i am just going to focus on those things at this time, and hope for the best. im just going to let my body do its thing. i wish all of you girls the best of luck, lots of baby dust, and many many prayers thru lots of sleepless nights. keep posting and let me know your results. i am pulling for you all.........


Christina - December 16

Hello all, I thought that i would share my story as well. My first day of my last period was October 31 and havent seen her since. For the past two weeks i``ve been having lots of symptoms such as: Nausea, soar nipples, cramps, over all tired, alway`s hungry, went from size 5 to 9 in pants, peeing every 15 minutes, moody ect... I took 7 hpt and 1 blood test all negative. I am just as confused as all of ya. Please let me know what happens...


tabitha - December 16

I am in the same situation! My last true period was October 11th. Then on November 9th I had a very very light period for 1 day. Well, the December mark has come and gone and I am now officially 7 or 9 days late for the December period. Every pregnancy test I have taken (4) have been definite negatives. I went to the doctor today and had a blood test. I will know the results on Monday. My husband and I have been trying for 3 months so I'm hoping my body is just not producing enough hcg to show up in a urine test. Here's hoping for + tests for us all!


jazmyn - December 16

ok, not that i am judging ANYONE, but why is it those that dont want a baby pop up pregnant with a positive pregnancy test one day after their missed period! someone out there in the galaxy is playing a cruel joke on us ladies! this is so unfair. yesterday i actually thought i was going to start my period, but i supose it was just soreness from my exam....today i am right back to peeing every 10-15 minutes, my b___sts feel like they are going to explode and the nausea has been just a joy to deal with while out christmas shopping. my sister is now constantly making fun of me because i went from a B cup to a C cup and i now have 'cleavage'....now tell me that this is in my head.....anyway just checkin in with you girls....good luck to all of you...and once again sprinkles of baby dust to us all.....maybe we can all get positive pregnancy tests in our stockings this year!


Jazmyn - December 19

just wanted to let you all know that aunt flo just visited me about an hour ago. at least i am pretty sure she is moving in her luggage for the week, there was some pink on the t/p the last two times i went to the bathroom....i could not be more upset or depressed. at least i know though......was really hopin' for that big fat positive result in my stocking this year for christmas. baby dust to the rest of you.


jazmyn - December 19

i am so confused guys. i was certain aunt flo was visiting for the week, and since i posted last there has been nothing. i dont know what to do...i know this is driving me crazy.,..and if any of the rest of you are feeling the same way...i feel so sorry for you too!


tabitha - December 19

to jazmyn - I hope you get some answers soon. I too am waiting for answers. My blood test results were supposed to be ready today but I have called 2x and they keep telling me someone will call me back. The only symptoms I have are tiredness and headaches - but I am 10 or 12 days late for my period. I am really hoping that we both get a big fat "your pregnant" for Christmas! And yes, I totally agree - I have no idea why those that aren't trying or don't want kids get pregnant so quickly and those of us that want kids it doesn't happen as fast. Keep us posted!


Zara - December 19

I am so relieved that some one else has the same problems that i am facing, I have irregular periods but have been having 34 days cycles for the last 4 months. I have been trying for a baby lately, my period was due last week, i had bad period pains on 11th dec that was three days before my period was due but till now there is nothing. I had a pregnancy test and that is still negative. I wish there was a meical explenation for this. I am worried that i may be pregnant and i dont want to get any xrays or do anything to harm the baby. How much should i wait before getting another test.



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