What Can They Find For Sure With Ultrasound

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Penny - October 6

Hi, I thought I was pregnant but I got a negative blood test. I was going to get an ultrasound if I can afford it, to make sure it's not cancer or anything, but after reading some of the posts on here I am wondering if they will even be able to see if I have tumors or anything. I don't have a lot of money. Why do the doctors look at some people's ultrasound and can't even tell if they are pregnant or it's a cyst? If they can't even tell what it is by looking at it then what's the point of paying for an ultrasound? Please respond, thanks, Penny


milissa - October 6

I agree"! I have had one ultersound in september because I have all the symptoms of being pregnant, but some tests say + some say - well I thought I would get answers with the ultersound but NO" this is what I got your uterus is thicked beyond normal ( normal ) but meaning pregnant but can't see anything?!? so I am going on my last ultersound on the 19th and as for me my ins will end this month. So I dont have time to mess around! the doctor wanted to wait 4 to 5 weeks. And I too have had a period in september, but my stomach is growing! I cant fit into my pants. MOODngs"! I have deffently changed in the last 10 weeks!! But I still dont know nothing, I have one child already so I no, so this has been realy upsetting, the # one reason I did the ultersound is because of cancer,cysts. still nothing. Hopefully there is an answer to all of these symptoms?!? bad or good I just want some answers. my thoughts milissa


Laura - October 6

An ultrasound can show as early as the first week of your missed period. I went in this monday and had an ultrasound becasue of delining, rising then ?? HcG levels but we did an ultrasound as well (transv____al) and we saw a VERY small embryonic sac which puts be at about 4 weeks (remember when pregnant we count those two weeks before we ovulate as being pregnant weired) so it is about 1 week post conception. I could see the thinckining of the uterine wall and the TINY black spot which is the sac. Still too small to even see the developing baby. but they can see very early. Hope this helps.



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