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libby76 - April 29

Hi all... I was due my period on the 24th April but nothing came. I had done a 4 HPT and had very feint positives, went to the Drs on Thursday and she done a test and it came back negative. Later that day I went o the loo and after wiping myself I noticed I had a bloody discharge (sorry tmi), but had nothing else scince that. Surely that culdn't have been my period? My DR did say if I still hadn't had my AF to go back and get another test done as it may have been to early. I was due to Ovulate on the 11th but I think it may have been a few days later. I had my hopes up thinking I was pregnant and now feel quite dissapointed with getting a negative from the DRs. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Everyone is saying to me keep positive seeing as I haven't had my period yet, but it is so hard!!!


snugglybugglys - April 29

When did you have the discharge? It could have been a bit of implantation in which case it would have been too early to test. So try to not get too dissapointed yet.


apple - April 29

hey libby, im going through the exact same thing. My doctor just said to wait a week and take another test because it was probably just to eraly to tell. good luck!


libby76 - April 29

Hi snugglybugglys, I had the discharge 3 days ago (26th April) when i would have been 2 days late for my period.


libby76 - April 29

Hi Apple, wishing you all the best ~*babydust*~ coming your way. Let us know how you get on.....Good Luck!!!!


Bluemonster - May 4

I have taken 11 hpts over the last few days and 7 of them had faint positives (which is what I got when I was pregnant with my second daughter). Then just today I got negative results from my blood test and was bleeding this morning when I wiped. Considering that the bleeding is similar to my normal periods and I got a negative blood test, I would think that I had a pretty sure answer, but all those faint positive hpts really bother me, so I understand your frustration a little. Hang in there!



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