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Meg - February 10

I took the HPT in the morning and it turned negative. I was checking time to time and after 45 minutes it turned to be red shadow (not line) in the test area. I am not sure what does that mean but desperately to get preg after 4 yrs. I happened that three times these HPTs turned to be changing time to time with red shadows around test line. I used to do test before but never happened like this they just turned clear negative. Please anyone ...


bump - February 10



bump - February 10



Ela - February 10

You better try again in a couple of days and by HPTs from different brand. Good luck***


Meg - February 10

Anyone ... Pleeeeeeeeeeease


Christina - February 11

Its probally an evap line. if the 2nd line does not appear in the allotted time, most tests are 10 mins.then you arent preg. or it isnt detectable in your urine yet. you should wait about 1 week until you are about 14dpo and test again. if its neg. you can call ur dr. and get a blood test. that will show if you have any hcg in your system. g/l!


me - February 15

me and my bf have had s_x and his condoms all broke well the last 2 did and he comed innme 5 times and i dont know when or how long i have to wait to take a test everone is saying wait a week but i dont know hoiw long to wait can some on help me please?


jamie - February 15

meg- the tests say that after 10-20 minutes (depending on test) to discard because it could give you false positive. but it's frustrating, i know! i'm 24 DPO and am still getting negatives myself =( but i have made dr appt for tomorrow! you should do the same if you are worried! they can run blood & get a better idea for you. *hope this helps!


Meg - February 16

Thanks Jamie. Tomorrow I have a doct's appointment in u/s and I hope he will see what I want to be seen there. Baby dust to you. We should think positive because it will help us more. Many women are pregnant but they aren't positive in HPTs. Let's see in that way. Good luck to you and keep me posted*****


answer to meg - February 16

Meg when i got pregnant my test barely showed with the lines and i would refer to it more as a shadow and the tests can do that when your pregnant it just detects low levels of hormones from your pregnancy so it dosent read out as well... You should take another one or go to the gyno... Best wishes meg


Meg - February 16

Thank you so much "answer to meg ", I pray to be in that way. I am 4 yrs ttc and we are desperate to get pregnant. Today in the morning I took another $ test and you could see after 10 mins a kind of white shadow in the test line, and than later a very very very faint shadow or maybe just showed that here is the layer of the test line. Maybe I wanted to see that line desperately and my eyes showed something hahaha ;o). Oh I wish from the bottom of my heart a very baby dust to all who want to conceive. May God will be with us and help us enjoy the feeling of motherhood ***************


Meg - February 17

Well I am going to see my gyno today for the u/s check. I am so scared of the result. I have done two test with the morning pee today and they were different $ store brand. Again that pink shadow everywhere and than I think I sow extremely faint test line within the time frame and it was more noticable after 20-30 mins. But even now after 6 hours I can see that extremely fain line. Anyway today it will be confirmed by u/s in six hours from now. Just to mention again that my b___st are sore and I have tingle that make me feel like a burning feelings in my b___sts. my aureolas are darker and I have white nipples in them which are sore yes and sensitive to touch. Also my tummy is a bit harder and i feel something in there, maybe fluttering??? Today my lower tummy is experiencing some sharp pain that goes off in a second. i pray that my dr. will tell me today that i am pregnant***


ashley79 - February 17

Every stop to think that you are trying to hard to get pregnant? relax and when it syour time it will happen. i would say the test is neg. if you will read it says discard after what 5-10 minutes because the results would be invalid. good luck in the future.


kristi - February 28

Ok, i had s_x two days before my expected period and i did not get my period. Then just appx. 3-4 days later i believe i may have ovulated and then 9 days from my expected due date i went and had a blood pregnancy test done and t came back negative. Then a few days later i decided to take a hpt and it also was neg. So now i am 20 days late and still i got a negative tonight. Does anyone have any kind of advice?? please if you do let me know


natalie - March 14

Ive just found out im pregnant but was wondering how long it takes until a bump appears or before you start looking pregnant??


A bit harsh - March 14

ashley79 - This woman has been trying for 4 YEARS to get pregnant... I just feel you could have been a bit less snippy with your remark on her tests. I'm not sure what your personal situation is - maybe you are going through the same thing - but when I read your response I felt angry. I know women are free to express themselves on this forum, I just think sometimes we need to treat certain situations a bit more delicate. I'm not trying to offend or start an argument of any kind... I just feel empathy toward Meg's dilemma. HPTs can SUCK and make you think things that aren't true - even when they are! Meg ~ I'll be interested in hearing the results of your exam today. I am sending LOTS of baby dust your way honey. *********



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