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Trish - March 15

I Have been having preg. symptoms. Sore br___t, frequent urination, food just turns my stomache into knots, head ache for 2 weeks, and lots of other little signs. My friend kept telling me to take a test even though i am not late yet. I did have a strange period last month. I took a first response and instead of a positive line coming up all that showed was a pink, bright pink dot. The other line showing it workes came up to. I took the second one last night and it was just one of those cheap brands. You get a - or + sign. I got the - sign with a light blue strip down through it like a pin strip. I was thinking maybe maybe not. IAn hour aga i used the bathroom and got a bunch of bloody discharge. Nothing since.If I was pregnant did I just lose it or is it what I would get instead of a period. Im confussed. Im not suppose to get a period yet for 3 days or so I think. Please help. Should I just assume if I was preg. its over now?


trish - March 15

An Hour ago I used the bathroom I meant.


Lala - March 15

I am sorry, I don't know what to tell you. You said a "bunch". Does that mean a lot like a normal period? The timming is such that it could have been implantation spotting--which is usually a very small amount if any at all. When is af due? If you're 10dpo, you probably got a faint positive on the +/- test!!!! You really have to wait until af is late to get a clear result, unless, of course, you can get a blood test now. best to you!


Trish - March 15

Thanks Lala. No it wasn't like a period. Not at all. It was more like the size of a dime. But I also had this happen about 2 weeks ago. the discharge was brown with a small bit of red blood.


Lala - March 17

Have you tested again? Do you have a Dollar Tree there? I would recommend you take one of their hpt's with first am urine. When is af due--anytime?


TRISH - March 17

the 20th of march will be 30 days since the start of my last af. My cycle is usually 28 days. Still no af yet. I talked to a friend today that is a nurse and she said sometimes when you get pregnant your body sheds the old lining usually like brown discharge sometimes with blood. But i took a preg test today not with am urine it was neg. Im not sure what to think. It was first response .


Trish - March 17

I found a web site that had this chart on it and basically first response is not as great as it sounds. The lower the mIUs, the better Our Tests 20 mIUs hCG Confirm 1-Step 25 mIUs hCG One Step Be Sure 25 mIUs hCG E.P.T. 40 mIUs hCG Clearblue Easy 50 mIUs hCG Generic: Rite-Aid, Target 50 mIUs hCG Answer 100 mIUs hCG Equate (Wal-Mart) 100 mIUs hCG First Response 100 mIUs hCG Precise 100 mIUs hCG QTest 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Walgreens 100 mIUs hCG



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