What Hpts Work The Best Please Help I M A Teen

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confused - October 18

I really want to know if I am pregnant or not, I've taken a lot of different tests and my period has been irregular for the last couple months. I keep getting negatives, but I have all the symptoms and am putting on weight. I'm only 17 and need to know. I know you may want to chew me out for making a stupid decision so early, but please don't I know it was stupid, but it's not like I can change the past.


Ren - October 18

Confused, here's some advice, I know it'll probably sound redundant but listen. YOU CAN'T FREAK OUT ABOUT IT. Seriously that can delay your period even more. And then you'll just worry more and yeah it's a viscious cycle. Try to excercise more, relieve some stress maybe you'll lose the weight and get your period. And honestly I lost my virginity when I was 16, do I regret it? NO. That's totally a personal choice. Just take care of yourself and the truth will come.


Confused - October 18

I really don't regret loosing my virginity, yes I'm only 17, but I am engaged and my fiance is the only guy I've ever had s_x with


Ren - October 18

I'm just saying if you let it be then you might just get your period if that's what you want...


to confused - October 19

I used Answer 4 days early.It showed up pos actually before the 4 days and it was the only test that showed up for me.I had my 1st baby when I was 18 so I'm not going to preach to you but if you aren't pregnant please get on birth control and enjoy your life while you are young!! I never regretted having the baby I just wish it would have happened when I was older so I could enjoy being a teenager. Good luck and best wishes!!


Confused - October 19

I've tried numerous different brands and they are saying negative, but I have all the symptoms and can't help being a little worried, I know that can cause some irregularity in my cycle, but I wasn't really worried until I started showing. If I'm not pregnant, then there is something wrong with me because I have all the syptoms and I just started having some intense pains on my sides by my hips, it feels like a pinching, if I am pregnant I'd be due late April.


Amy - October 19

Confused- how late are you? Everyone is different- some people will get a positive reading on a home pregnancy test 4 days before their missed period, but some people (like me) it takes longer. Mine didn't show up until almost 20 days after my missed period! On another note - i found out I was pregnant 2 days after I walked on the stage to get my highschool diploma. I had a miscarriage in July, and here I am, in the same boat again, 10 days late with 3 negatives on the tests. Who knows, hang in there.


confused - October 20

I'm not really late, it's just been spotting, my last normal period was July 14th...


Amy - October 20

Any chance of an STD? This can also really screw your cycle up. What you should really do is go to the doctor, they can give you blood tests to find out if you are pregnant or what is going on. But if you are trying to hide this from your parents try going to Planned Parenthood, it is extremely inexpensive and they will talk to you, give you tests, and probably be able to at least set your mind at ease somewhat. www.plannedparenthood.org Good Luck!


confused - October 20

I highly doubt that I have a STD, I've only been with one guy, and yes he was been with another girl, but I went to the doctor back in June when I got pnemonia and they did a test, so I didn't get one from March till then so I don't think I would have gotten one, because we've been engaged since March, and I know neither of us is cheating. Also planned parenthood, would be a good idea, if there was one closer than 4 hours away.


Confused - October 20

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, hopefully I'll find out if I really am or not, and if not, what is going on. I had to tell my mom, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but now she is keeping it from my dad, that's going to be hard for her, but I want to wait to see if I am or not, and if I am my fiance and I will tell him together.


Amy - October 20

Well good for you hopefully you will get some answers! I went to Planned Parenthood today and got a test done and it was negative so I'm hoping that's for sure but you never know. Good luck, especially with your parents, I know from experience how hard that is!



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