What In The WORLD Is Going On

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Lisa - November 21

Ok, here's my situation. I ovulated around Nov 5 (wasn't looking for O this cycle, but checked and by chance saw EWCM on 11/5, gone by 11/6) 4 dpo I had light bleeding which was gone an hour later. Thought it may be implantation. 9 dpo, very very faint line on an EPT, that got dark after the 10 minute mark. Thought it might have been an evap so I tossed it. 10 dpo, took an Equate that afternoon. Positive, showed up almost instantly. Took the second test a few hours later, darker line! 11 dpo, bought a Target test. Negative. Panicked, bought a two pack of equate. First test negative, an hour later took the second and it was positive. 12 dpo bought more Equate (I'm a pee stick junkie!) and a pack of First Responce. First Equate was neg again. Went home, took the second equate, positive. Dipped FR in same urine, negative 13 dpo second first responce, negative 14dpo, bought equate, both negative at first, but had faint lines hours later, and I've NEVER gotten an evap from these tests! I'm currently 16dpo, two days late, and have held off on testing until Friday. What's going on? Why is equate the only test turning positive? And why only sometimes? Are they duds? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


AHAVA UK - November 21

u sound like me a bit Well i couldnt wait did an hpt , actually 6 off the internet ones, cheapies, and got one faint positive *very faint* rest negatives, ..so not hoping for the best.... Im sure i should have been able to see it now..hubby said i was due today,,,but that means all my dates are out of order? How many DPO should i be?? My last af was 21st october,,,lasted 5 days, 30 day cycle think i ovulated around the week of 6th november?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! going nuts ahava x


m - November 21

Maybe your HCG levels were at different concentrations during the different test times. (one urine was more dilute then another.)


Shell - November 21

GET A BLOOD TEST! I failed all of my home tests but knew I was pregant (it was my second so I had been through it before).. only showed positive on my blood test and this was at 6 weeks pregnant.



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