What Is Goin On With My Body

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nikki - December 17

The first day of my last period was Oct. 25. All hpts and blood test are neg. My br___t were tender for 2 weeks and I feel very tired. My doc gave me some medicine to make my period come, but I won't take it. Please someone, give your opinion! My mother says get a second opinion and wait it out.


Angie - December 17

Nikki, I actually had a similar situation recently--I missed 3 periods (all negative tests) so my doc gave me that same medicine as you. She a__sured me that if you take it and you really are pregnant (which she said was unlikely given they had just tested me and it was negative), you won't get your period and it won't hurt the baby. Well, I took it and got my period shortly after, and have been regular since. I'm just curious--why don't you want to take the medicine? Your mom is right--your other option is to wait it out--but that could take months. My hubby and I are trying to get pregnant so we didn't want to waste more months waiting. Hope this helps. Get a second opinion if it makes you feel better...but I have 2 other friends who also had to take medicine to bring on their period when it stopped for no reason. Hang in there!


Nikki - December 17

Angie, thanks for responding. Did you have any symptoms, like tender b___st and fatigue? Craving? I have all these and more. It is similar to my first pregnancy. I just keep reading about all these women whose doctors were wrong and I don't want to jeopardize the health of my baby if, in fact, I am pregnant.


F R I E N D - December 17

To Angie: Did you have blood test first before you took what the doctor gave you just to make sure you were not pregnant? I am going that way too I have been 19 days late, all the test I have had were only urine test and all were negatives. I did not have any blood test for pregnancy just for thyroid malfunction which came out normal.


sariah - December 18

hi nikki! the doctor gave me the same medicine as yours did. i took a day's dose that is 2 pills. after knowing what the pills are, i stopped taking them. i feel the same way about you. im 3 months late for my period. ive been regular ever since and ive not used any bc. ive been ttc for 6 months. and all hpt's tell im not pregnant same as the one i had with my doctor. but ive done no blood test. i want to have an ultrasound next week.



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