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Confused... - June 8

I am three weeks late for my period. I am usually very regular. I have had very light spotting for two days. I have taken several home pregnancy test and all have come back negative. I have also had a blood test which came back negative. I finally saw my doctor today and he said that when I ovulated last month something happened to my egg. My body was confused and thought that I was pregnant which is why I have felt all the symstoms of pregnancy. I have had extremly sore br___t, ect. He gave me medicine to start my period, but I don't know if I should take it. Has anyone ever had this happen?


collette - August 3

can you still get pregnant after 7 years of tubligation


D - August 3

Collette yes it is possible.


collette - August 3

my little sister had a similar situation she went & took the medicine to have her period come she also felt all the pregnancy effects but it was nothing she's still trying i'm praying for her to conceive


Mica - August 3

I think your doctor was telling you about a leuteal cyst.


viv - August 3

confused, sometimes even if an egg is fertilized, something can go wrong and it will just dissolve...but sometimes when this happens your body still thinks you are pregnant and you get symptoms... this doesn't mean you will have any problems getting pregnant in the future... I personally wouldn't want to take the medicine, but I am not a big medicine person and wouldn't want to take any kind of chance at all of still being pregnant and taking that medicine. Although rare, some women get negative pregnancy tests even though they are pregnant.


viv - August 3

which by the way, your dr will probably tell you you cant get a negative test and have a viable pregnancy, but that is definately not right, as many many women get negative tests all throughout their pregnancy...some just take a couple months to show up, some an extra week or two after their periods. Everybody is different. Trust your instincts. Good luck



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