What S Wrong With Dollar Store Hpts

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Nick - December 21

I bought a hpt from the Dollar General today, I had read other people's threads that claimed they worked. Not only did I not get a line for the test window, but I did not get a line for the other window either. Has any one had any experiences with these tests?


F R I E N D - December 22

Well I bought 4 of them and so far they all worked I got one line on all of them which means negative. I did not want to believe but it was right coz I got my period yesterday.


Nick - December 22

So far I have spent hundreds of dollars on hpts and I refuse to give those overpriced companies another penny. I go to the doctor tomorrow, so I'll have him test.


ladyrochebug - January 13

I have tried the Dollar Tree prego hpt's and only because it is ridiculous to pay $8-$15 fr something you could get for $1....but I am starting to think these things are coming from another country or are the manufacturers rejects, you never know. There is a reason they are cheap. I personally make sure I buy two each time to double check the results. Still cheaper than regular stores, but a higher chance of an accurate result. Also those tests are not as sensitive as say and EPT test, so you'll want to wait until a good week after your overdue for your period before testing, just to be sure (although I know how unbearable that can be). Hope this helps, best of luck to you!


connie - January 13

Actually, the dollar tree brand, New Choice, states on the back of the box that they are sensitive to 25 mIU's. I think this is new though. I will tell you that the new ept plus/minus (blue dye) are not accurate. I took one yesterday, which showed a faint + at 3 minutes ( it is sensitive to 50mIU's). I then took a first response early (25mIU's) and a K-mart brand (25mIu's), and the were both a big fat negative!! I also took a new choice that was - too. I called the number and she a__sured me that my ept was positive and that I was very early into my pregnancy and to call my doctor and tell them I had a postive ept. I was pregnant in March and the First response early, K-mart , new choice and a clear blue easy (the old one, not the new one where the tip turns pink, I have heard many are having very fast evaporation lines with this test, which the old one did not have at all).


connie - January 13

I am sooooo tired of these companies disconuing there original tests and replacing them with ones that give false positive results and don't have all the bugs worked out of them yet. Old EPT with the pink lines and the old clear blue were very accurate tests, and they do not manufacture them any longer. If you do not get a strong line at the 2min. mark or right away, do not trust these tests.


connie - January 13

I 'm sorry, I did not finish my thought in my first post, as I was saying I was pregnant in March and all of those othe test were positive. I had my pregnancy confimed with a blood test, unfortunately it ended at only 4.5 weeks (chemical pregnancy).


Shannon - February 1

I think you are idiot to say if someone doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a home pregnancy test, that they should not have a baby. You don't have to be rich to have children. Maybe people are shopping at the Dollar Store so they can spend the rest of thier money on more important things, like thier children.


ladyrochebug - February 1

As to what Connie had posted about, "If you do not get a strong line at the 2min. mark or right away, do not trust these tests." I wouldn't quite agree with you there. When I was pregnant with my son, I took an hpt and it showed the faintest line, I thought I was seeing things, and it didn't show the line until like 7 minutes after I took the test (should have been there in 1-3 min.) I had a healthy pregnancy. The test worked fine, but I was only about 2 weeks pregnant, so there was hardly enough hormone to detect it quickly. Sometimes yu just don't get a strong line and sometimes it takes longer than usual to get the result. I personally will continue to use the Dollar Store tests, I am sure they are fine, but with them only being a dollar you can't help but worry that they aren't working right. I will be continuing to test, and hopefully I will finally get that positive result on one of these cheapy tests. Best of luck to all you woman out there. Don't go wasting your money just yet on those spendy tests. Save it and go buy yourself some comfy shoes, you'll need them for those 9 looong months! lol


Holly - February 1

There's nothing wrong with them. Some tests are more sensitive than others. Since you didn't get anything in the control window, you probably had a defected test. Dolar General tests pick up on hCG levels that are at least 50 mIU, so it's not very sensitive. Something like First Response Early Result picks up hCH at about 15-25 mIU.


Sarah - February 2

That's pretty rude to say if you can't buy from a real store, you can't afford a baby!!!!! I buy from the dollar store and have plenty of money for a baby!!! Keep your rude opinions to yourself!!!!!


koko - February 2

i think it is pretty smart to buy a hpt for $1 compared to $8-10. espessially when its easy to tell the hpt's are fairly identical, unless of course you are too d__n stupid to read the hpt boxes and instructions. anyway, i took the new choice htp. came back positive! went to the docter. i am pregnate!


Jessica - April 26

I work for dollar general.... i took one of the test ....it didn't work at all.


love - April 26

what about the walmart brand 'equate' tests? do you think those really work. I took one and got negative results but my period is 11 days late.


to love - April 26

Love, I just had a very faint positive wal-mart equate. Got a blood test the same day, and I was only at a level of 8 as far as HCG. took another one 3 days later and had a darker line. Not bad for only $6.50 for two tests. But I think there are always false negative's with any test. One thing to keep in mind about Equate tests. dont read them after 10 minutes as you can get what's called a ghost line. it shows up where the positive line should be after the urine dries. This happened to me once, and I have read that it's a problem with the equate tests.


Jill - April 26

I just took a dollar store HPT...when you're TTC and are buying these things every time you turn around those $1.00 tests start looking pretty darn good. My problem is I took it and it appeared to be negative. I walked away and when I came back about 15 minutes later there was a faint line...is this a positive? or a ghost line??


Faith - April 26

I think the $1.00 tests are fine. They seem to be made pretty well and don't look cheap.



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