When Is My Period Due Or Am I Pregnant

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sharon - November 14

In October I started spotting October 10 and I had my period sometime between then and October 19ish. I can't remember exactly when I started to bleed or finish but I do know that I was not bleeding on October 24 and have not had a period since. I did a pregnancy test on November 12 (in the afternoon) and it came back negative. I'm not sure when my period is due. When is my period due or when can I take a pregnancy test. Thanks.


Amy Tuteur - November 14

Dear Sharon, Home pregnancy tests work by measuring HCG (human chorionic gonadotropic, the pregnancy hormone) in the urine. Unlike blood tests for HCG, which measure the actual amount of hormone, home pregnancy tests just register the presence or absence of HCG. A positive home pregnancy test is quite accurate because the test will not register the presence of HCG unless it is actually there. If your test is positive, you are pregnant. A negative test is far less accurate for several reasons. Each brand of test has a lower limit below which it cannot measure HCG. For most tests, the lower limit is 25. This level is reached at about 14 days after conception, which is usually the date on which you expect your period. Therefore, most pregnancy tests cannot pick up a pregnancy until the day you miss your period. If you test before then, and you get a negative result, it is meaningless, since you may have tested before the HCG level was high enough to detect. Many women have irregular periods and they don’t know when they could have conceived. Therefore, it is impossible to identify the day when a pregnancy test will turn positive if they are indeed pregnant. Again, a negative test may be wrong because it was done too soon. In a normal pregnancy, the HCG level doubles approximately every 48 hours. If you have a negative test, but suspect that you are pregnant, you can test again in 2-7 days. If you are pregnant, the test should turn positive in that time. Sincerely, Amy www.askdramy.com



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