When Is The Right Time To Take A Test

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amanda - November 19

when is the best time to take a pregnancy test? im supposed to get my period by tomarrow but ive had no cramps or anything.


lisa - December 15

Iv'e been reading about this alot you can take 4 days before your missed period.


connie - December 15

amanda, let us know if you took a test and how it turns out :) Don't worry if it is still negative though, wait another week and take another if you still have not started. I just got an immediate faint definite second line on a Clearblue easy and I am not due until Friday, so I am forcing myself to wait until Monday to take the second one in the box!! Good luck!!


kim - December 16

Im not due for my period until Jan 4th. Should I wait till im late or take one sooner. We are trying to get pregnant and I am so excited.... What is to soon?


connie - December 16

Kim, You can test as early as 4 days before you period (10 days past ovulation), but now all women will test positive this soon, and it will usually be a faint positive. Ot may be a stronger + if you have enough hcg hormone in your urine, since all women have different levels at different times. The averages are 25 mIU"s at 10 dpo, 50 at 12 and 100 at 14 (or the day you are due for your period). These are just the averages, though and not true for everyone! For instance, if you read the info. on the boxes of the first response early result and the Clearblue easy, it will give you the percentages of women that tested postive on 4 days, 3 days, 2days and 1 day before their periods on these tests. Off the top of my head, I believe that even one day before was around 90%. Don't quote me on that :) But definitlely don't waste your money or tests and take one any sooner!! I know it is sooo tempting, but DON"T:) The experts recommend waiting until you are a week late, and that is probably the best advice, then you can be sure that you are testing ( and hopefully getting a positive with a higher level of hcg and less questions of "Is this faint really a positive?" I hope this helps! Good luck and let us know, don't leave us hanging!!! :) :)


connie - December 16

Kim, I meant NOT all women will test positive this soon, not NOW all women...... I sounds like I said all women will test positive this soon. I'm glad I caught that typo, it would have probably misled you. Sorry :( Oh, and it should also be OR not OT it should be stronger :)


amanda - December 17

ok well yu wanted to know how things went so i gess ill let yu know.. i got my period so i just figured that i didnt need to take the test. it was only a day late so i thought it was fine. but im waiting for my period this month to make sure and see wat happens. thanks for all yur help though.


connie - December 17

Hi, Well I took the Clearblue easy, as well as an Accu-clear hpt yesterday morning, ( couldn't wait until Monday!) and they were BOTH clearly +++. Well, last night, I started to spot brown and then it has since turned red with some clotting. Looks like yet another "chemical pregnancy" very early miscarriage for me.............. Sorry to hear that you are not pg either Amanda :(


amanda - December 20

sorry to hear that you arent either connie.. good luck! :)


Nicole - May 20

I had a #3 surprise after a Big V and now 2 ears later I find myself 1 week late. Since getting my periods back after 18 month of b___stfeeding they have been a little off but never late. I took a test 2 days ago and it said NO. Was it too early to have taken the test? I am not under any more or less stress than ususal and don't feel like I am getting my period any minute liek I think I should. Has this happened to anyone else?


Tiffant - August 4

I had s_x yesterday and my boyfriend said I was warmer than usual when shold I take a pregnancy test


Samantha - August 28

I've found that it's better to take a pregnancy test 10-15 days after s_xual activity.


none - September 28

i am late with my period it 3 days late now i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but i have been having pains in my stomach can i be pregnant



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