When My 20 Year Old Boyfriend Got Me Pregnate At 15

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Girly - September 1

when my 20 year old boyfriend got me pregnate at 15 he was very happy so we kept the baby when i turned 4 months preg he started being really mean to me an didnt care if it would hurt the baby or not my baby is now 5 months old an he wont let me break up wit him but hes extremely mean an everything hads to go his way .... hes always cheatin on me but i juss cant find teh way to get him out the picture cuz hes very agressive..an i dont wanna tell my parents cuz theyll help but theyll be like u shouldve never had his baby


DeeDee - August 9

You should tell some one about your situation. Unhealthy relationships like this one usually end up with some form of abuse, whether verbal or physical. if you dont want to turn to your parents you need to find some one you can turn to. if you are in school you can talk to your counselor or a teacher whom you feel you can trust. you might check into a Help Hotline, usually set up by the state to help women get out of bad relationships and to keep them from being hurt in any way. unfortunately i've seen my closest friends go through the same situation you are in. but my best advice is to seek help from someone who you feel you can trust. it may even be a close friends parents. Good Luck!


jaylene - August 31



me - September 1

Girl, run!!! Dont walk! Tell your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! I have a daughter and if any man ever did that to her or my grandchild, he'd be eating dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell them and let them help you. Next thing you know, he may hurt you or the baby or worse!!!!!!! God forbid. You get help and get out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your parents love you. Dont worry if they say anything. I doubt they would say something bad about their grandchild. Its not her fault! Get help if you love your baby!!



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