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lisa - November 14

was suppose to have af 11/10...how long should I wait before testing?


Kim - November 14

I am right there with you. I was supposed to have af on 11-7 and still no sign. I am feeling bloated and achy, much like gas and don't know if I should wait or take the test now.


lisa - November 14

thanks for responding...some thing here alot of bloating and achy...and gain some weight. but have had other signs like being tired..etc.. I think i am going to go ahead and test this coming friday if no af shows up..


maria - November 15

been having the same dilemma! I've been having most symptoms of pregnancy and if i am i would be around 3months now- but im confused when to test, do I still have to wait till the date of my period even this far along? does anyone know?


lisa - November 15

kim, my friend was due to start af the same week as you, she when ahead and test, and she got a bfp and dr confirmed...maria if i was you I would test now..it couldn't hurt nothing because if you are pregant the first three months is the important months of pregancy...I was going to wait and test this Friday..but think am going ahead a test today probably..I have four children (twins) and something just tell me and need to test now..good luck to the both of you!


Kim - November 15

I did bite the bullet and tested. It was negative. Af is still elusive. Guess I will wait til this weekend to see what happens.


lisa - November 15

good luck kim


Kim - November 15

Thanks Lisa and good luck. Keep us posted.


lisa - November 15

kim, may ask what brand pregancy test you used?


Kim - November 16

I beleive it was a fact plus. Should I try something else?


Amanda - November 16

Maria - If you think you are around 3 months and you haven't tested yet, I say go ahead and do it now, today...it should show if you are pg


lisa - November 18

still no af here....



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