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wannabee-mom - May 23

Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I could really use some support right now. My husband and I have been ttc for 7 years with no success. Just this past month, I missed my period for the first time since I been menstrating. I just turned 35 in January and would really like to be pregnant. However after having a negative HPT and negative blood test from my doctor, I assumed my period would start but it never did. Now I have missed two periods and am so confused. I've experienced cramping and little bit of spotting (not enough to fill a pantyliner) each month around the time my period should start but no where near full flow. Secondly, my br___ts have increased an entire cup size over the past week and I've gained 10 pounds. When I visited my doctor last month, they did an ultrasound which revealed that my uterine lining was very thick but my progesterone level was at zero. I guess my question is why didn't my thick uterine lining shed (have a period) if my progesterone level had in fact dropped to zero. Could I be going through the change? Sorry for the long sob story. I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this.


Saird - May 23

Wow, I feel for you- 7 years and no success? I have no idea for the answer to your question. I haven't had a period in about 2 months either and was wondering what was going on. I also had spotting when AF was due. I thought I was pregnant, but tests say neg. Do you feel bloated or full feeling at all? Did your doc say anything? Let me know how it goes...


jessam - May 23

Hi. I am new to this too, but needed to vent. So thanks for listening. I do have an 8 year old, but have been trying to conceive another baby since he was 1 . So for 7 years i have been through the ups and downs. Through extensive firtility treatments , natural treatments. and nothing. I have been tested for I think everyhting medically possible and They found nothing wrong with me. My period used to be irregular and eventually stopped coming a year after i gave birth 7 years ago. i was on provera to brin g them on. Until 2 years ago when i discovered Firtility Blend firtility aid suppliments. I stopped the provera and tryed to regulate my cycles on my own. The Firtility blend worked. Ever since taking it I have had a regular monthly period. until this month. I should have gotton my period around the 15th but it is not here. i have gotton a few of the signs of it coming , VERY bloated, a couple headaches, Cravings for junk food(sweets,carbs)and some cramping. The only sign i havnt gotton which i get regularly on schedule are my SORE b___bs/nipples. Any way my hormiones seem to be completely out of wack. And I cant figure it out. i dont want to take a pregnancy test and be disappointed. I d rather just wait and see what happens., I am too very fustrated. Anyway if your period does not come again this next month i would say see the doc once again, and if nothing , i do recommend the Firtility Blend suppliments to regulate your cycles. They truly worked for me. I just dont see what happened this month. Ill wait another week to see what ill do. I order it online.



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