Who Had A Negative Blood Test But Later Found Out Pregnant

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madison - May 21

i am reading postings about women out there who have had negative blood tests but then later found out they were indeed pregnant. i would just like some more information about that. how is it possible to do that? i am now a week late and my dr. already did a blood test and it was negative. my cycles are always 28 days so i am really confused. i dont have any symptoms of AF coming, but i also dont have any pregnancy symptoms either. can anyone share their experiences and stories about getting a late positive blood test (or false negative)?


krista28 - May 21

You can join a lot of women in the same boat on the yahoo group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hcgfn


krista28 - May 21

There is a lady who had that happen, she's now on the yahoo group, you can also read her story on karina's thread: negative blood tests and botched u/s but feeling kicks


smskam - May 26

krista28: could u please what she wrote.. the lady who had the neg blood test..did she mention if it was quant_tative blood tests.. and what week she took it and how atlast she confirmed her pregnancy and at what week?? please let us know.. thanks..


sofi - May 26

I had a negative blood test and ultrasound at about 9 or 10 weeks, but Ifound out I was pregnant with twins only because I miscarried both. I was about 13 or 14 weeks when I miscarried the first and 17 or 18 with the second. I had not had a period since january and went to my doctor in march she said my symptoms, weight gain, and enlarged uterus made it sound like I was. But she could not say I was because of the negative tests. She just sent me home with nausea meds. When I told about the miscarriage she said it was probably just my period. But I saw it and I had had movement too. And I looked 4or 5 months pregnant when I was only 3 months.


smskam - May 27

sofi: thanks for writing,, i feel i may be 13 weeks if preg..got neg blood test last week..so not sure now.. but last three AF's have beeen scanty for the first time n my life with enlarged abdomen and some light pains on and off in pelvic area/ abdomin...so don't know.take care


smskam - May 27

hormones also neg.. or i could have blamed it on them ...


susanna - May 29

Sofi, sorry to hear about your loss, how sad! I micarried once myself. Thanx for posting though, I beleive that negative ultrasounds are possible, and you've just confirmed it.


steph2004 - May 30

Hi Krista I am not one this board much anymore but I had several neg blood tests before I had a positive one....all the neg ones were quali. the positive one was quant.......I was 10-12wks before I had my positive result.



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