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:-( - May 16

i just dont understand, im over 3 weeks late and my br___ts hurt very much and there swollen and feel firmer... i just did a pregnancy test and its negative, i was so sure im pregnant , now words carnt describe how shit i feel.... i just dont know how much longer i can do "the baby dance"


Carbonell - May 16

It never hurts to take another test, if nothing else to ease your mind


emma d - May 16

if your 3 weeks late and you have signs of pregnancy then you are pregnant.which pregnancy test did you use,see how sensitive the test is.if its more than 25miu then try a 25miu test the more sensitive the test the more the hcg hormone shows up.if still nothing go to docs for a blood test.i hope this information helps.good luck.


Marie - May 16

If you are late and you have signs of pregnancy then there is a chance that you may be pregnant. The test may have come up negative because your body has not produced enough hcg , Some women may get a negative result right up until the 12th week of pregnancy. Just keep your chin up and do another test in a couple of weeks ok .


me too - July 1

at first i thought i had my dates wrong im only two weeks late but im normal to the day i have doen 4 test and all show im not pregnant i have had the same as you and also soem other feeling but im not sure if its just wishful thinking i was going to wiat another couple of weeks then test again and if not luck go to the docs. good luck hope it all works out for you


*C - July 1

I am the exact same as you all. i would be 8-9 weeks along at the most.. I havent gotten a positive test yet.. ive takent he early response test and the clear blue easy ( which is c___ppy ) its sooo faint you can barely see ANY answer... I have most the symptoms.. my b___st have gotten bigger sore. side hurts. back hurts.. headaches nausea dizy... my tummy is kinda sore.. etc etc etc..... I wish i knew what was going on..... I am not thinking about it 24/7 I havent been on Bcontrol, I havent had any more stress then normal married life.. ha ha.. no extreme exerise, no weight gain/loss..... NEVER missed a period before untill now.. and have missed 2. We would love to have a second child... ( the first is my step son ) so this would be my first... anyways.. i know im not helping just adding to the ma__s confusion.. good luck everyone!!!!



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