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CuriousOne - January 26

Hi, Well this is my situation... I am 23 and every since Ive been having periods they have been regular and like clockwork... I had unprotected s_x on the 13th of November and then had a short period on the 1st of December... I had light spotting on the 22nd of December... and then another period on the 21st of January.... this is very un normal for me.. Ive taken 3 hpts and 1 blood test and they came back negative.. I would not be worried if I didnt have these symptoms of pregnancy... my lower back seems as though its expanding or somthing.. my br___t are really killing me... I am always tired... but I dont seem to have an appet_te... I dont know if these symptoms are normal nor is it normal to have a period during the first months of pregnancy.. Doctors say that it isnt, but there are so many women out there that can say otherwise.. My doctor wont do a sonogram and I need to know whats going on with my body... I took another hpt 2 days ago and there were no results.. a friend of mine had a period the entire 9 mths she was pregnant..but Im not sure... Is there any advice anyone can give me.. I really need it on a personal level because doctors will only tell you so much....


liz - January 26

well babe heres the deal: I was pregnant before and I had all these signs, my HPT was positive but my HCG blood was neg and then 2 weeks later I was confirmed preg at a hosptial and a week later my HCG did show, every perons body is different with the results depending on many things- diet, sleep, tracel, exercise, etc... also remember that negatives can be wrong it is only positives that tend to be "for sure" i have something very similar to your problem posted under "not typical situation" if you would like to read I have a pelvic exam tomorrow Ill post something afterwards


cj3 - January 26

well sometimes with the whole period thing you can worry yourself into having a wierd period. also with having a period during preg. it is very common now days. but if you have already taken a couple tests and a blood test i wouldnt give up but try again soon to be sure no hormones are found in your body. also not trying to be mean but i am a nurse so i have to say this just for your own knowledge, that sometimes if you get a std you can have alot of simular symptoms to pregnancy. if all else fails. thanks and good luck.



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