Worried About A Late Period Here S A Tip

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RG - September 10

I see a lot of "I'm Xdays late and no period, am I pregnant?" questions. Here's a tip - no good for this cycle, but good for the future. It's called Fertility Awareness or Natural Family Planning. Take your temperature with a sensitive termomiter every morning AT THE SAME TIME first thing, before you get up. Record the result and chart it (look up NFP or fertil. awareness online for charts). You period is actually NOT 28 days after your last period. It is (about) 14 days after ovulation. When you ovulate, your temp goes up a little bit and STAYS up until you get your period. So no more questions. You CAN (and I have) have a cycle that lasts 30, 40, 80, 120+ days and NOT be pregnant. If your temp has been low through the whole cycle, no matter how long, you haven't yet ovulated, and if you don't ovulate (release an egg) you CAN'T be pregnant. BUT when your temp goes up and stays up, you have ovulated and you can expect your period about 14 days later. If, however, the temp stays elevated for 18 days or more, you are probably pregnant! (Or you could have a thyroid problem, sleep problems, illness - always see your doctor to be sure.) Hope this helps!


*** - September 10

Actually RG you can get pregnant if you dont ovulate. My aunt had 6 kids and NEVER had a period and her granddaugther had a child two years ago and NEVER had a period, so it is VERY possible.


Candies - September 10

Is having a white discharge or somtimes wet a week after my period a sign of ovulating????? I get this all the time so I'm not sure if that's what we call the ovulation period.....


sos - September 10

u most likely ovulate 14 days 4rm the first day of your last period so possibly.


hana - September 13

Just to clarify, You must ovulate to become pregnet. Ovulation is the release of the egg. If you do not release an egg there is nothing for the sperm to meet. Just as having a period is not a sign of ovulation, not having a period does not mean that you are or are not ovulating. The process is somewhat related but there is a lot more to baby making then s_x and periods. These factors help, however the key is knowing when you ovulate.



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