WTF So Confused

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nursemel0330 - September 8

I'm new to this site, but here's my story... I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor May 2009 (conveniently 3 months before my wedding which was August 15th - I already have a 4-year-old son and couldn't wait to have another baby after the wedding). I haven't had a period since December 2008... I don't really know what possessed me to take a pregnancy test, but I was having some - at times - pretty bad cramping. When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, my earliest signs were bad cramping and actually some bleeding at the time (obviously things were fine, but at the time they thought I may miscarry because of the bleeding). Oh, and the fact that I've been craving either chunks of milk chocolate (from Wegmans) OR very salty meats - bacon, corned beef, salami! Really, as I write this it sounds silly, but anyway, I took the test (along with an ovulation predictor for LH and a new test by First Response that detects FSH or "your ability to get pregnant" as the box states). The first test I took Monday at 9pm - within the desginated time period, there was a faint line making the + sign. Evident enough that, after showing my husband, he said to call for an appointment (this was without saying anything about the test - just showing it to him). Eventually, I took #2 from the box just about 30 minutes ago. This time, it is still faint, but definitely darker than the first time. Looking back at #1 - nothing has changed as far as intensity (no additional evaporation lines I'm guessing). I'm just sitting here wondering how to take all this... both are in front of me. #2 darker than #1, but both make that little + sign. (Oh, this test is from Target - the "as early as 5 days prior to missed period" one.) I want this so much... I feel like I'm being teased if these aren't right. After being unable to tolerate the first medication prescribed to treat the pituitary tumor [prolactinoma], I didn't know where we were headed. I was on a neuroendocrine website this morning reading about the surgery to have the tumor removed... I'm so confused. I don't want to get my hopes up about these tests.


sillyme18 - November 9

well im about to take a test when my boyfriend get back from the store plz i got my hopes up but i think im not maybe im jest crazy


Brooklyn27 - November 10

When I got pregnant I also had a pregnancy test that had a very very lite pink second line but when I went to the doctor sure enough I was pregnant. Well good luck. Let us know what they say.



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