18 Weeks And Not Really Feeling The Baby Move Yet

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Jamie - June 14

I thought a couple weeks ago that I felt some twinges in there, but really couldn't tell if it was the baby or my stomach. Then I went days and days without feeling the slightest thing. I'm 18 weeks today and am starting to be concerned about not feeling regular movement yet. Anyone else?


-a- - June 19

Is this your first pregnancy? If it is, they say you should not feel regular movement until about week 20, but it ranges between 18-24. And, you can fell movement one day and not any for several more before you feel it again. I am just now 24 weeks and finally feel it on a daily basis, but sometimes more one day than the next. If it is not your first then you could feel it sooner, but it still is the same about feeling it regularly. They say that you should not get concerned about how often the movements are until you are 28 weeks when you can count how many movements per hour. Up until then the baby could be too small with too much room, or the placenta could be in the way to where you won't feel it as much until the baby gets bigger. Talk to your doctor about it. The book What to Expect When You are Expecting is really good and talks about this and other fears you may get while pregnant. When I was 18 weeks I could not feel a thing. It took a couple more weeks until I started to feel anything at all.


Tammy - June 20

I had the same feelings- I was 21 weks last week and had no movement. This is my 3rd and I am not overweight so I was concerned. I had my ultrasound last Tuesday and boy was he doing flips and such. I felt so much better. It varies...period. This week I am definitely feeling him. You'll be fine. They tell you between 18-24 weeks. Good Luck!


Sarah - June 29

I'm dealing with the same thing. I'm 19 weeks and the u/s last week showed that I have a very active baby boy but all I've felt are short pulls like the ligaments in my stomach are stretching. I think this might just be one of lifes little lessons in patience.


Audrea - June 30

I had also thought that I was feeling the fluttering I have read and been told about. Then I went two weeks with nothing. I went for my 18-20 week ultrasound and the tech said she was having a hard time to get the four chambers of the heart in clear view to so much movement, I could not feel a thing. They also say if you have a placenta in teh front and up high a little it will muffle the feeling and make it to where you don't feel anything in that area. I only feel movements in my lower abdomen. I love to feel it. Now she has started punching up higher near my liver and have felt something get stuck under my rib, so uncomfortable. I do know I was told if she was moving in the area the placenta it, it is like a shock absorber so I will not feel if she kicks in that direction. It will get better and more noticable after 26-28 weeks. I went several days in a row recently that scared me a little. She might have moved a whole four times in a 24 hour. I thought that was a pretty low number. But was told it is okay as long as I still feel movement everyday.


m - July 1

it could really just be too early for you. You should def start feeling some movement by 20 or 22 weeks. In the meantime, to ease your mind, why don't you just go to the doc and get the doppler on your belly. It can help to relieve your anxiety. Everyone gets anxious around that time. I know I did too. But it won't be long, you'll be feeling them regularly.


Lisa Lisa - July 3

I would say get to your doctor an get an ultrasound fast...just to ease your mind...I was the same way at that time and I had an ultrasound and it showed him kicking and flipping and turning. I didn't feel any regular movement until I was exactly 20 weeks. After a while, you'll notice some sort of regular movements (like after you eat or while you are sitting). I was told to drink cold water, or eat something sweet, or drink apple juice or orange juice to facilitate movement...this seems to work. Or you can lie on your left side or on your back (not a long time) to get the baby to move...this works for me also. I am a bit of a worry wort, it's better to be safe than sorry. (Not trying to scare anyone, but inform)...but my sister was in her 7th month and she noticed no movement one day, she waited until her regular doctor's appt. which was 2 days later thinking that everything was ok...sadly, the nonmovement was caused by UCA (Umbilical Cord Accident) in which the baby somehow wrapped itself by the neck around the umbilical cord-twice. He did not make it and she had to deliver a stillborn. So be very aware of every little movement or nonmovement. Also, go to Target and get a baby heart monitor ($20). This was a big relief for me because I can hear the movements of the kicks and such...you may not be able to hear the actual heartbeat until 7 months or so...I heard his heartbeat with that monitor for the first time today!! If you are like me, go to your doctor or the emergency room to get an ultrasound...just to ease your mind and be sure, sure, sure. Better safe than sorry. Again, not trying to scare anyone...just inform.


Cayce - July 11

I have had the same worries for the past week also! I am so terrified that I wake up sweating and crying during the night! I have had extreme nightmares about my baby! Really dont know what to think! My husband thinks everything is ok and Im praying that he's right! We'll find out tomorrow at the ultra sound! I dont know that what Im feeling is the baby or not! I am going crazy with this! We must pray for each other! Dont let fear overtake you~


Pam - July 27

I had my 20 week ultrasound two weeks ago and it showed a kicking, punching little boy. At 22 weeks I can barely feel anything. And somedays nothing. Apparently this is normal. So I wouldn't worry to much. When I have gotten worried I put the headphones over my belly and usually within 15 mins I will feel a slight movement. Also I have been told (nothing to back this up) that you feel boys later than girls.


Tara - July 27

I am about 20 weeks pregnant and i dont feel much of anything either, but everyone keeps telling me it my first pregnancy and i probally dont know what to feel. i think as long as i see my baby move on the sonogram and hear its heartbeat it makes mew feel better


j - July 27

drink something really cold and lie on your left side. you'll feel him/her. i didn't feel anything until almost 19 weeks and then just one time. i feel him now every day at 24 weeks.


Reva - August 16

I am at 19 weeks and don't feels much yet either. I have slight feelings but since this is my first pregnancy, i can't tell if the baby is moving or i'm having those early contractions. my doctor said it's the baby but i still am unsure. if you have a sonogram, you will feel better once you see movement even though you may not feel it yet.


mperry2005 - August 16

Im 19 weeks and i haven't felt anything yet (i felt like little gas bubbles here and there) but, im NOT poss. Believe me your not the only one concerned!


Pham - September 1

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and just like u i didnt feel any movement yet i am so anxious. And after 4 misscarriages at my age (26) i am just getting so paranoid that there is something wrong with the baby. I cant go to the doctor for that concern coz its not easy to get an appointment here in Holland. My husband a__sured me that this time will be ok since i am getting a big belly and a painful b___st. BUT then again i read in one of the magazine here about this lady who is also 15 weeks pregnant, big belly and with swollen b___st and yet the baby didnt survived for some reason. Sometimes i think better not read all this stuff. Right?


swanofspeedys - September 1

Give it another 2 weeks+ and you will if all is well,take care,good luck.


Dee - September 1

Jamie, i just got back from my monthly doctors appt. I'm at 19 weeks and i've been feeling little flutters here and there. She said i was right on target for the flutters and not to worry if you don't feel them everyday, baby sleeps alot right now....w/in the next few weeks all will change and you will feel definite movement....don't worry, all is okay, i was a little worried to...take care


Dustie - September 27

I am 27 weeks now and didn't feel much if anything until about 23 weeks. Everyone is different, I would mention it to the doctor but if the heartbeat is good, don't worry.



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