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Heart - February 17

I am 32 years old and 14 weeks pregnant with our first child. I just had a neuchal screen test three days ago and found out that the risk of this baby having Down Syndrome is 1:146. My husband and I have decided not to have any more tests since we will be having this baby regardless of the outcome. I am hoping to hear from ladies who are in the same boat as I am. Support throughout our pregnancy and after would be most wonderful.


Toni1 - February 18

Heart: My odds were much worse than yours 1:16, but everything turned out fine when I had my CVS. When you put your odds into a percentage, you have LESS than a 1% chance of having a baby with DS! Try not to worry too much (I know how hard that it is) and just know that everything will turn out as it was meant to be.


Heart - February 19

Thank you, Toni. Our faith is being tested and so is our marriage. I need to trust in GOD and know tht everything will turn out fine. I'm happy that your CVS results were normal. I can only imagine the relief you felt. Just want you to know that I will also be saying a thanksgiving prayer for you.


marranie - February 19

1:146 is not bad odds really, about 99.5% chance (from my math) that your baby will not have down syndrome... enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry too much about tests, what will be will be and there are worse things than having a baby with ds.... i have worked in a centre with autistic people and i there is not much joy there... take care, i too had the nuchal fold test and measurement was very good, however further testing has been suggested but i am not interested, and i am a LOT older than you... two legs, two arms and lots of smiles will do me just fine.


Heart - February 20

That's exactly what my doctor did to ease my mind. He used math to explain that our chance of having a "normal" baby is over 99%. 146 just sounds like such a small number when comparing it to others whose ratio is 1:10000 (or even 1:1000). It's good to hear that your nuchal fold test results were very good. You're right, two legs, two arms and lots of smiles should do me just fine. Thanks for that insight.


marranie - February 20

i wont be posting again, my insomnia seems to have left and tired now, so will have to get organised for baby etc. I got my report from my scan back today, it states background risk for trisome21 at 1:15 (for my age 45 at birth) now adjusted to 1:64... woo hoooo, really they are only numbers and the scan was excellent (even nasal bones identified, my daughter thinks the baby will have a big nose!)... personally i think everything will be just fine (i think even a down syndrome child will be smarter than some adults i know anyway) and want to get off the computer and onto doing some walking/exercising so i am not an unfit blob when little one arrives. No more testing for me, nature will take it's course now.... Good wishes and take care to all. :-)


Kaz - February 28

I have been reading these postings and also in some of the other threads. I am going to be 45 in April and am 14weeks pg and my scan showed a high risk of Down's syndrome, but dr did not give me a ratio number. Tomorrow I have the amnio, I am feeling so scared. it's nice to know I am not alone in my dilemma.


bebe4me - February 28

i have a friend who was told the same thing, she was 29, and her baby was fine


Heart - February 28

Hi Kaz, I am hoping all goes well throughout and after the amnio. Since receiving the news, I've met a couple who adopted a 3-month old DS baby (now 16 years old), a priest with a sibling with DS (now 40 years old), and read stories from parents of DS children. Everyone has wonderful things to say about their children/siblings and would often describe them as angels who have brought them more joy and love than ever imagined. I guess what worries me most is knowing that DS babies often have medical problems (heart, kidney, etc.). Then again, all these may be treated. I am hoping we both receive good news in all our succeeding antenatal check-ups.


Kaz - March 3

Hi again, I had the amnio on Wednesday, and now it is the anxious waiting game. I can understand your decision for no more tests, they really are horrible. I mean the amnio is pretty much painless, but it is the whole atmosphere lying in the operating theatre and being prepared like you are about to have major surgery. And then the doctor talking to the a__sistant on duty about your "high risk" case etc. it has all given me terrible nightmares. I wish I could just enjoy this pregnancy. I already have 3 healthy wonderful children and they are feeling the strain too. My eldest is 13 and a girl and was very interested in the test and all the details. In some ways I feel terribly guilty and egotistical for wanting another child at my age, and not really having thought more about the real possibility of risks before. I'll keep you posted.


Clare1313 - March 3

Hi Ladies, I'm 40 and currently 11w3d pregnant (had 2 ms last year)....I'm anxiously awaiting an amnio (will be done March 30)....would love to hear more about what to expect.....


Heart - March 6

Hi Kaz, I'm glad that the amnio went well. I can imagine the anxiety you have while awaiting the results. I sincerely hope the results are great. Hi Clare, from what I've read, amnio is generally painless though some women experience slight pain and cramping after. The results should be back in 10-12 days. I hope all goes well for you and your baby.


Frances - March 6

Hey Heart, I just wanted to let you know that it would likely be 1:146 of those in the exact same position you are in. As in, age group, gestational stage and all that jazz, so really, not that much. Be careful with the amnio, those have caused some problems for women in my family during pregnancy. Too, my nephew was born premature, lots of problems, had to travel to a large children's hospital to have surgery twice before he was a year old and he is not DS, so really, you could see health problems in any kid. Plus, DS kids are pure emotion. Not emotion like we adults do it, all diluted with logic (and sin!) but PURE emotion. It's very humbling, but I have a feeling that either way, you and your family will be great! Blessings to you!


Heart - March 6

Hi Frances, the risk of miscarriage after amnio was one of our reasons for not going through it. It would be too painful if we lost our baby because of amnio only to find out that he was "normal". I may have misunderstood your first two sentences but are you saying that you are in the exact position I am in? I really hope everything goes well for everyone on this board. I'll be thinking of you, Frances, and everyone on this board.


Dee71 - March 7

Hi, I am 21 wks. and 35 yrs. I had a level II u/s a few days ago. I had an abnormal triple screen for DS. This is going to be my last baby and I thought I would enjoy this time . NOT even close. I have been so stressed out. Well anyway I was given odds of 1:201 for the abnormal triple screen , then we had the level ll u/s they said kidneys were a little larger than normal not by much(no numbers given) but it was still a soft marker for downs my odds are now 1:90.I declined the amino. So we have an another appt. in a month .DR. said everything else looks fine and this problem is kind of normal in pregnancies mostly male fetues,and most of the time it can go away by the third trimester.So now what are we supose to think???? I guess we have to just wait .I was also wonddering if any one else had anything like this happen to them? Thanks


Kaz - March 9

Dear Friends, My amnio result was as suspected, Downs syndrome. This was heartbreaking news for all of us. As we have three healthy children and as I said I am 45 years old, we have decided to terminate the pregnancy. This is the hardest decision in the world. But given my age it would be very hard for me to a__sume such a responsibility as I am not young enough to guarantee supporting a long dependent child. I hope our decision will not offend anyone here. I support and understand all your different decisions, and none of them are easy. The process for termination is also horrific and I am just so glad of the support and very kind attention and expert advice I have received from my hospital staff. Next week is going to be the hardest of my life, but I am thankful for all the loving support I have at home. I sincerely hope things turn out for the best for all the rest of you and my thoughts are with you. I can only say that this forum really helped me to connect with others out there who have experienced the same anxiety as myself. I just wanted also to recommend you a very good article that I read ent_tle: Obstetrical Sonography: The Best Way to Terrify a Pregnant Woman, see http://www.choroidplexuscyst.org/filly.html


Tammy - March 10

Dear Kaz, I have a friend who had a DS baby at age 45 and she would not trade that child for anything. Her whole family is commited to caring for the child; even her 32 y.o. son, so it is not all on her shoulders. Peace to you as you go through this. I pray that God would give you wisdom. Remember, you may not have another chance to have another baby.



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