34 And Pregos With 2nd Baby Question About Tests

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Bellasmomma - February 1

Hi, new here as of today! Well I am just about 4 weeks pregos, very early, and my hubby and I have to make the decision of wether or not to have a CVS or amnio done. Mostly the CVS because they do that sooner....honestly, I am uncomfortable with both of these and don't feel they are necessary...plus they are 1500.00 and our insurance may not cover it..I am super uncomfortable with CVS and really don't think I need to worry...but I am confused and unsure what to do...Hubby thinks we should just go with the pregnancy and avoid those tests....I don't have my va___al for awhile yet...I would rather just wait for that and progress from there.....advice?? thanks!


deborah969 - February 1

Hiya Bellasmomma.... I know that if I were you, I would perhaps go for the nuchal when you're 11 - 14 weeks, and if anything comes up there, perhaps go further... but at your age, your chances for a healthy, normal baby are great. If I had to choose between CVS and amnio, I would go for the amnio... (which I did) because the risk for miscarriage is a tiny bit higher for the CVS. I posted my amnio experiences on this board, which you can check out if you like... seems everyone who did post, had no problems with the amnio, so that was positive for me at the time I went through it. Chances are that you will have a beautiful, healthy, and normal baby... so stay positive, and do what's right for you and your family without letting anyone pressure you into anything you're not comfortable with. Take care and good luck!


K - February 2

If you are uncomfortable with the tests and don't feel they are necessary, then don't do them. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing what you don't want to or don't feel is right. It is your choice, no one elses. I had a perfectly healthy baby last year a couple of weeks after my 39th birthday. Here is what my doctor told me. Women over the age of 35 have healthy normal babies all the time. She recommended that I not do a CVS or amnio just as a matter of course because they are intrusive and do pose a risk, however slight, to the baby. She thinks these tests are overdone. She also recommended that I not do the AFP blood testing because by the mere fact of being over the age of 35, the testing would not come back normal, and would probably cause unnecessary worry. She recommended that we do a Level II ultrasound, and then if that showed any indication there might be any type of problem, that we could discuss doing an amnio. That is the option we took. I had 2 Level II ultrasounds during my pregnancy, and neither showed indications of any problem, so I had no further tests. The Level IIs were wonderful. We have DVDs of the ultrasound including 3-d videos. At 17 weeks the little one was doing a princess wave on the video. You might want to check into a level II as an option.


Bellasmomma - February 2

Thanks for the advie, I am going to go with my gut on this i think.....I can't remember if they offer level 2 ultrasounds.....I live in Montana so sometimes we are a bit behind in those respects....but yeah.....I appreciate the feedback! very helpful!



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