35 And Overweight

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teachertlb - March 24

I am 35 years old and have never had any children. I am also 30 pounds overweight. Do I wait to start trying to get pregnant until I lose some weight? I don't want an unhealthy pregnancy but also am concerned about the age factor.


lovemy3 - March 25

Gosh, that is hard. There is the matter of the heart and the desire to start trying now and then theres the whole logic thing about the risks of being overweight. I myself am about 80 lbs overweight and will be 37 next month. I have 3 kids age 3,5 and 10. With my 10 year old I was this weight when conceiving and developed preeclampsia and had numerous complications including an emergency c-section and my daughter was quite ill. But I was VERY overweight not 30 pounds. then i lost the weight for my second and the differnce was incredible I still got MILD preeclampsia and had another section. I was lighter but still overweight for sure for my third and developed gest diabetes during pregnancy and needed another section. I found being lighter made for simplier and less risky pregnancies. Now, I will be 37 next month and am heavier than ever and also feel time ticking on. My dr says the weight is a must 60lbs for sure and that will leave me about 40 over. he is ok with the extra 40, but first choice with my history would be lighter of course. So, its really hard to know, what does your dr recemmend? Do you have any fertilty issues that you know of? Many women still concieve without problems at 35 but you are in an increased risk for other things. I'm sorry I don't have any actual advice to give, thats a tough one. Ask your dr's advice as he/she would have all your history. Hope this helped a little, good luck


Trish - March 28

Hi teachertlb, I am 36 yrs old and 12 weeks pregnant with my first. I was also 30 lbs overweight before getting pregnant. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes a week ago which is a little unusual. Most women who get GD, don't get it till 24-28 weeks. They put me on a low carb diet with 7 meals a day (4-30g snacks & 3-45g regular meals). It may take a while to conceive, so my suggestion would be to go ahead and start trying. In the meantime, watch what you eat and get regular exercise (walking 20-30 mins a day) and maybe you can avoid GD and other complications. Oh, start taking a multi-day vitamin that has at least 400 mcg of folic acid, too. Good luck.



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