35 And Pregnant

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Serephina - January 22

I am due June 26th with my VERY first child. My question is: I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and hardly showing AT ALL (looks more like I am bloated, but all my clothing still fits). Is this normal???


miraclebaby - January 23

Yes, it can be with your first baby, second one is a different story. I did not really shoe till 5or 6 with my first and second I swear I started to show at 3 lol. I am due the 4th of July and I cant fit into any clothes and this is my second take care and dont worry, and congrats to you


Toni - January 23

Serephina...Congrats! I am 36 and expecting my first June 13th. You are lucky. I couldn't fit in my normal pants at the end of 3 mos! I've only gained 4 lbs at this point, but have put 7 1//2 inches on my waistline. You are probably one of the lucky ones. My best friend was able to wear her normal clothes (she merely had to unb___ton her pants) until she gave birth to a health baby girl. Good luck and let us know how the pregnancy goes.


Lm - January 23

Serephina - I just gave birth to an 8 pound, 6 ounce little boy and people didn't start noticing I was pregnant until about the 7 month. . . Even by the 9th month, no one could believe I was that many months pregnant. I was worried too. . .But don't be! I gained exactly 25 pounds. . .I tend to be on the skinny side, so I was afraid that the baby was not getting enough food. . .but my doctors said "don't worry" and they were right! You are just fine! Congrats!


michelleb - January 23

Toni, tell me how you only have gained 4 lbs??? I just got my bfp, and wasn't quite ready as I'm overweight still from 1st baby. I'm hoping to just minimize my weight gain so it won't be as much to lose when I'm through. Also better for health to not get too much heavier. Tell me your secrets all of you skinny pregnant gals...


Toni - January 26

michelleb...I guess the best answer to my lack of weight gain is that I had morning (all day) sickness for the first 3 months. When I fianlly felt like eating again, I completely went off chocolate (I guess the baby doesn't like it as much as I do) & can't seem to get enough oranges and other fruit! I worry that I'm not gaining enough, but have been told by my doc that everything is OK and not to worry about it.



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