36 And No Symptoms Reassurance Please

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trina - June 2

I'm 36 and am almost 7 weeks pregnant, for the first time. I have no symptoms whatsoever. Need reassurance. I can't help thinking this doesn't bode well for my pregnancy. Am somewhat worried, and a bit sad.


Patricia - June 2

You should be celebrating that you do not have morning sickness. Don't worry, I did not have morning sickness either. I felt tired in the first trimester, and that was all. I had my baby two months ago. By the way, I am 40. This was my first pregnancy too. Everything went smooth the whole pregnancy and labor was natural. You are due for a ultrasound if you have not had one (generally it is at 6 weeks). They can sense/'hear' the fetus' heartbeat, and this is all you need for now.


MommyAgain - June 2

Sounds like luck to me! :o) Some women don't experience very many symptoms at all. With my first two pregnancies, I wasn't even sure I was pregnant until months into it when I could feel them move and kick. I never got sick, and never got sore. With this pregnancy, I was terribly sick for several weeks, and my b___bs are STILL sore into the 4th month. You'll have an ultrasound soon, and see that things are ok :) Try not to worry, that isn't good for either of you.


trina - June 2

Oops...I made a mistake..nearly 6 weeks. Brains going too! Am very glad to hear this, because even my b___bs aren't tender. I keep checking the tests (I did 4!) to make sure I didn't imagine the lines! I'm due an ultrasound tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Oh, I wish I was sick, or had sore b___bs, or anything really....


to Trina - June 2

Don't worry, it sounds normal. My preggo symptoms didn't kick in until I was 7-8 weeks and then I thought back to the good old days when I didn't have any! You are just still in the early phase, that's all. Good luck with the u/s.


WEG - June 2

Hello, I was 29 w/ first preg. and didn't have really any symptoms until mornig sickness hit at about 8 or 9 weeks. Congrats and best of luck to you!


Carolyn - June 2

I'm 36 years too and am now 17 weeks pregnant. I sailed through my first month and a half without any symptons and didn't even realize I was pregnant. If you taken a pregnancy test and it came out positive, don't panic if you're not feeling any symptoms. I didn't have any until my ninth or tenth week.


trina - June 3

Hi everybody. Had the scan today - all cool. Sac cool - and little bean is 1mm. I'm sooo happy and excited. I really can't believe it. So far so good. Thank you all so much for the comments yesterday - really made me feel better. xx


Wanda - June 3

Don't worry Trina. I'm 36 also and expecting for the first time. Im 9 wks and havent felt any symptoms. I just had my second sonogram yesterday and everything looks great!!!!! strong heartbeat and developing very well. So I guess we can consider ourselves lucky to not be sick.lololol


Wanda - June 3

Hey Patricia, Im curious. First of all Congratulations on your little one!!! and what did you have? I hear that if you have no sickness its a boy..just wondering...I would love a girl!!!!!..lololol


Mimi - June 3

Wait a few more weeks and you will be wishing for the symptoms to go away!!!


P - June 3

Don't you worry trina you'll be worshipping the procelain goddess before you know it. Just hope you don't the kind I had where you don't throw up you just FEEL like barfing ALL day. Symptoms are not indicators of health as far as pregnancy go. Some women are lucky and breeze through while others suffer. Don't worry, you'll be fine.


trina - June 4

Hi again. Had the best sleep last night - anxiety levels have definitely abated - hurrah!



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