36 And Pregnant After 3 M C My Story

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Hopeful36 - February 22

I am 36 and 8 weeks pregnant. I have had 3 m/c. I have been told in the past after each m/c that this just happens. It has been 4 years from the last m/c and I told myself I could never deal with the pain and disappointment again. After taking several test's and all reflecting a postive result, I called the doctor. This doctor seems to be taking things a little more seriously then the past. I have had several blood tests and now I have been put on Prometrium because my hormone level dropped. The big appointment is tomorrow....she wants to do a ultra sound. I know I should be looking forward to this, however this has been the bad news for me in the past. I have not slept in weeks, I have not told anyone I'm pregnant other than my husband...I cant stop crying, I fear this will end just like the others. I know this is in Gods hands....and I need to trust what ever will happen is for the best.


kristina - February 24

Hopeful, please don't feel alone. I am confident it will turn out fine and prometrium does help. Talk to your friends and husband about your fear, don't cope with this alone. I had my boy at 36, after almost 5 years of infertility. He's now 2 and means the world to me. Please keep me updated on how you're doing.


Hopeful36 - February 25

Dear Kristina, Thank you for your kind words....I had the ultrasound and I was measuring at 6 weeks. The tech was very nice and did explain that this is not a bad thing(thought I was 8 weeks). I may ovulate later because of my age. She did see a flicker, but could not confirm anything more. She told me the Docotor would have results 24 to 48 hours. If everything is ok... she would think the Doctor would want another ultrasound in a week or 2. Thank you again, it helps to talk to someone other than my husband. I am not ready to tell anyone, for fear this will end bad again I will wait and see if I can make it past the 12 weeks. Have a good weekend.


kristina - February 28

Do whatever makes you feel better! Indulge yourself, just to be able to psychologically make it to 12 weeks. Even if you feel like talking-talk to people. Infertility or inability to carry on pregnancy is a condition and if everyone else feels free to talk to people about whatever condition they might unfortunatley have, so can you. But only if you want to! And yes, the baby can measure smaller than expected, you can't know for sure when concetpion occured. Please don't hold it all inside you, it takes its toll later on.



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