37 And Pregnant With Seventh Child

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Madison - May 12

I have 5 other child. Caleb-14, Aidan-12, Maria-9, Gregory-6, Natalie-6 and Brianna-3. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant with my 7th child.My last child was at 34, she has asthma and a small heart defect. I've read all the different things about pregnancy after 35 and the risk factors, but I'm so scared something will be wrong with this baby also. Is there a high risk, since my last at 34 has problems?


Madison - May 12

I meant 6 other children.!


MommyAgain - May 13

First of all congratulations on the wonderful family!! Of course I'm not a medical professional, but I think each pregnancy is on it's own merits, unless there is something possibly genetic causing problems. Your other children were healthy, so I would base my hopes on the numbers ;o) Please have faith that everything will be ok and keep yourself healthy through the pregnancy, worrying won't do either of you any good! Best wishes :)


michelle - May 13

I'm worried about this pregnancy also. And I have five other perfectly normal children. I don't think the asthma and heart defect would be related to your age. I think the higher risk (after 35) is mainly for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome.


Madison - May 14

Thank ya'll. I'm 16 weeks now, and in a week we can find out the s_x. I'm worried, but am trying to keep my stress level down, the doctor said it was for the best. My husband and I always wanted a big family and here we are with probaly out last child. We originally wanted 8, but with the twins we waited such a long time because they were hard to handle.


Kelly - May 14

I can understand your stress. But women for centuries have had big families, and the odds are small that you'll have another child with birth defects. My grandma had 12 children and no serious problems. Hugs:)


Madison - May 15

Thank you Kelly. I'm not stressing myself just a little worried.


Happy Mommy - May 15

Hi Madison, Every pregnancy is different. You of all people should know that. Do not worry about your baby. I really do know that is easier said than done. Just relax and enjoy this new precious life from the Lord! I am 34 and pregnant with my 6th child, so I am speaking from experience. I understand your fear and I am sensitive to that. But your best medicine during pregnancy is to just relax! Also, you are 15 weeks now. You are over the most dangerous time in a pregnancy! So, go enjoy your family and look forward to the new baby together with them! God bless your belly baby! :o)


Madison - May 15

Thank you happy mommy. The funny thing is I've never had a c-section. My last pregnancy with Brianna I had a water birth and delivered her myself, I litterally pulled her out of me. I relax all the time, my children help me a lot. Its just I have a higher risk of of my baby developing a problem, which I hope he/she will not. I'm huge for 15 weeks, thank ya'll tho. I will keep everyone updated!


Madison - May 23

17 weeks pregnant and it's a BOY. Our fourth little boy. Everything is fine were doing a test at my 25th week for any problems such as down syndrome etc.! Thanks everyone!


Jessy - May 23

Hey, I have a sister in law with 5 children going on her 6th and she just now turned 30! All have turned out healthy so far, but she had to have a C-section on the 5th :( she and my brother want a really big family but they just might have to tone it down to 6 or 10 max (I guess) due to the fact that they will probably need C-sections for the rest....I have another friend who had 8 healthy children through the first 35 years of her life w/o any complications, then her 9th at 39 had complications, she had a C-section and the baby girl died 3hrs later :(....but then there was light at the end of the tunnel because 3 years later at age 42 she had one more baby girl who has turned out just fine..she (the girl) is 13 years old now and is perfectly healthy! The mom is 55 now and STILL has 3 kids in the house with about 8 years to go until loneliness...hehe...I have another friend who has 16 children and FINALLY stopped "producing" at menopause!! ;) She had 2 sets of twins w/o any complications for ANY of them and ALL her children turned out healthy...but she has a daughter who has already had 3 miscarriages and yet another daughter who has 6 daughters of her OWN already, and ALL healthy...So, you never really know for sure what will happen! Just pray for the best!


Madison - May 27

Wow, 16 children that is a lot. Thanks tho! I'm approaching 19 weeks, everything is going by so fast I was at 130 lbs now I'm at 140lb. I know I'm skinny to have 6 children and another on the way!


Madison - June 1

Well, I'm having a BOY! Woo hoo! 20 weeks and 3 days, so far everything is good!


Tracy - June 5

Hi Madison, congratulations on your little boy. I just had one, my first, and I am 40y.o (I have lot of friends who are my age and having their first child too). There are a lot of women who are trying to have babies later in life. The numbers show that it is exponentially more difficult to get pregnant as we get older, but the risk of having birth defects do not increase as much. This is more so for women who already had babies, as in your case. I have a feeling that your last child had some health problems that were totally unrelated with how young/old your eggs are (which increases the chance of genetic birth defects). The proof is, you seem to easily get pregnant. Good luck, I am sure everything will be fine


elizabeth - August 29

i am one of 12 children ( yes the same parents lol) and we are healthy in everyway shape and form and soooo loved. i am preg with my 5th baby and im 39. Stress will make you miserable so please STOP and relax and enjoy your little baby growing inside of you. God will take good care of you, he willed the child to be conceived and he will not abandon you. GOOD luck


Stephanie - September 12

Congradulations on your pregnancy with your son! I am 32yrs old and pregnant with our seventh child. All pregnancies are different as you well know already, so just relax and enjoy the feel of your unborn child in your womb! It will end soon. May God bless you and this precious new blessing that he is giving to your family.


Rumer - September 13

My sister has 9 kids..she had her last one at 42 yrs old..all healthy..theres always a risk tho..but very low



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