37 And Ttc Again

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lovemy3 - May 18

Hi there, I just turned 37 last week and have 3 children. We have decided to try and ttc#4. I am wondering if any of you have ever heard of prior c-sections affecting your ability to get pregnant as easy. With my 3 other kids I conceived in the first month each time, now we have been ttc for 4 months and still nothing. I have had c-sections with my other children and am wondering if it could be scar tissue not allowing conception? Or do you think it could be my age? My last baby was born when I was 34 and now am just turned 37. I don't have any other issues that I am ware of. My periods are regular and the ovulation kit indicates that I am ovulating and we are having s_x at that time. Any thoughts? Thank you.


twotimesthecharm - June 12

I will be 37 in August and I have that same problem. We have been temping and using the CBFM and timing intercourse but it just hasn't happen. Just wanting to be blessed again. I hope the same for you.


lovemy3 - June 12

hi there, i know how you feel, quite discouraging. I guess we have to keep praying and trying. Maybe it is an age thing and will take longer this time around. Did you have sections as well?


Been There - June 12

Having gone through secondary fertility problems twice for 2 years each, I have a couple of things I can share with you that you may ask the doctor to look at. With my second child, my tubes had to be checked via hysterosalpingogram. I had the procedure in November (after 2 years of temping, etc.), found one tube was blocked, but in December, I was pregnant. So I think the procedure just cleared a tube which got me pregnant right away. This latest time, first we went for the tried and true with the tube procedure again, which left me with two unblocked tubes (so both were cleared up this time). Then the doctor did a post-coital test, which means I had a morning appt., had to have s_x and then go to the office so they could swab and see how the sperm were reacting to the cm. I was killing them. So the very next month, I was put on a hormone pill that made the cm healthy. BAM! Same month I was pregnant. Although I unfortunately miscarried, the pregnancy and/or one time dosage of the hormones must have changed my body somehow. I miscarried in September and without trying (I had given up) I conceived again in November. I'm now 32 weeks and just waiting to deliver. Oh, and I did have a c-section with my second child, so this will be my second c-section. Anyway, I share this with you because it's probably not the c-sections and definitely not your age (40-something women are still getting pregnant), and you're still ovulating. At your age, however, you only have to try for 6 months before you doctor should consent to testing. Your husband's sperm will have to be tested first because it's the least invasive procedure. I'm not sure if you've visited the "Problems Getting Pregnant" section or not, but I'm sure you'll learn alot from others who have been through secondary infertility. Best wishes to you. Don't give up, you'll figure it out and get your fourth child.


lovemy3 - June 13

Thanks so much for your help, do you think yeast can affect fertility i.e the "climate" so to speak in the v____al area when the sperm arrives. i tend to be very itchy and am often using yeast over the counter meds?


Been There - June 13

Do you know why you keep having yeast infections? Are you sure you don't have a bacterial infection that requires you treat with an antibiotic? Yes, I've also had female problems too along the way. For a couple of years, I felt like I should just change my address to the OB's office. LOL! I really don't know what affect yeast has on sperm, but it just plain can't be good for you. I would say you probably need something stronger than over the counter stuff on a constant basis, but this is something you should also discuss with your doctor. I'll be looking for your post on your BFP!


lovemy3 - June 17

Thanks, i did go and get checked at the drs and she said there is no infection or yeast according to the swab. I do get very sweaty so maybe that is what causes the itching. i go back tues for my annual physical and will chat about it again. Thanks for the encouragement!


Cissy - July 5

Hi there, I am 36 soon to be 37 and have decided to try for baby #2. I have been on prenatals for a month and we plan to try seriously next month.. I also had a c-section with my 6 yr. old daughter.. I am hoping things will go fast but I look forward to reading these comments in case things do not happen as fast as I would like.. Good luck.. and I will keep you posted..



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