38 5 Yo Female Whose Husband Had A Vasectomy Reversed 1 6 05

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Pamela - January 11

Soooo....am I crazy to even attempt this? Are there ANY similar success stories out there who would be kind enough to share? I had my first and only daughter in 1986....so it's been a little while you might say. Although fertility in my family is know to be pretty prevalent until well after age 42ish.... I am still freaked out of my mind to be trying it....but with my girl and his two children from a previous....a baby of our own would complete the circle. My first girl was raised by her dad and I as single, struggling parents only since her dad and I split right after her first bday. Now is the chance to do it right...with a man who actually loves me and will BE THERE right by my side forever. And...what does the term "babydust" mean? We need it I think.


wannabeamomagain - January 11

Pamela - Baby Dust is a way of wishing you good luck. I think that if it is on your heart then you should absolutely have another child. They are blessings and miracles. Good luck to you!


Bridget - January 12

How cool! Good for you and your husband. Though any child is certainly a blessing, a planned and cheerfully anticipated one, by both parents who love each other, makes for an even happier event and a happy baby, too. I'll be 40 a couple of weeks after my son (and first child) is born and couldn't be happier. Some babydust blew my way at some point because we'd been trying over 6 years, never conceiving until (one month) after fibroid surgery for reasons other than fertility. Good luck, I bet you'll be PG in no time!


kris A. - January 12

I have three teenagers and a 6 week old. I am 35 and her daddy is 44. And like your situation, it is my chance to have a baby without worries about finances and stability, and our baby girl completes our family. The teens adore her and are always there to help. She is the most adored and loved baby, and I swear she feels it. She smiles huge baby smiles at us now, and she hardly ever cries. My heart is bursting these days. Follow yours. :)


miraclebaby - January 12

I have a 14 yrs old boy and I am due 4th of july will be 37 went baby comes, could not be happier, I waited 12 yrs for this baby.


L - January 12

I'm 39.5 yrs and my husband also had a vasectomy reversal. We are expecting our first child together. My husband's first son will be 30 when our baby is born. He says with our son he'll be able to relax and enjoy parenting much more than he could when he was struggling financially with his first. You may be crazy, but your child will be lucky. Best wishes to you!


Pamela - January 12

To L: Wow. Your story gives me hope. My husband and I are exactly the same age too. He is seven days older than I, but his kids are only 12 and 9 where mine is 19 and getting ready to leave home. His sugery revealed viable swimmers even. Now it will come down to my own fertility? To Kris: Your story is heartwearming too. Does your husband also have kids from a previous? It's been sooo long since my daughter...it will be like having a first all over again if this works.


indobray - January 15

My husband has a vasectomy reversal in July 05. I'm not pregnant yet but his lab results show his sperm to be normal. We're really excited. We have a 15 yo girl, 9 yo girl, 8 yo girl and a 5 yo boy. I'm 36, he's 50. We both really want another one. This month I'm getting serious and tracking my temps and using OPK. I hope this is our month. Good luck to you!


homeschoolinginpa - January 16

Congrats! We had 3 kids (now 11, 13, & 15), hubby had vas, got it reversed almost 8 years later, and now have 2 additional little ones (2 yo boy & almost 3 month old girl). I am 35, soon to be 36. I got pregnant with the first post-reversal baby about 7 months after the surgery. As long as your cycles are normal and hubby takes it easy while he's healing, it shouldn't take long at all! Blessings to you!


kris A. - January 17

Hi Pamela - Our baby girl, Wren, is dh's first biological child, he has shared in parenting the other three for the last few years, and his relationship with them was what prompted us to "start over" with Wren. I had reservations about having more at first, I was almost done, you know? But after really thinking about it - like you (am I crazy, ready to be selfless for ANOTHER 18 years - can I give this baby the care she'll need - what about me time, etc. ) I decided to follow my heart, and here she is, and everything is just as it should be. You are right, it is starting over - in every good way. You forget that baby smell and now when I am snuggling that tiny baby on my chest I smell her head so much the family thinks I am odd. Ward (my hubby) has a close family who never thought he'd marry, let alone have kids, let alone marry a woman with three kids and THEN have babies - and they are absolutely smitten with all the girls - so we are truly blessed. I wish everyone here all good things! :)


Pamela - January 17

It's been so long for me now that I have no clue what to even expect anymore. To go from being 19 when my daughter was born to the prospect of being nearly 40 by the time we had the child? Is there going to be a huge change in how it feels? I struggled alot with my own issues as a young mom...and it was hard to feel so harshly judged by a society that made the a__sumption I was on welfare and destined to have some crack-addicted lifestyle. Now? Reverse the issues. People judge "older" parents. Call them selfish, crazy, and other choice adjectives. Yes, I am scrared, but from the things you all are mentioning here.....it may well be worth it. How is the energy level been for those who had kids earlier in life compared to having them later on?


kris A. - January 17

I think energy level depends on your fitness level... I am 35 and was active before, so even though I had complications and the pregnancy was more difficult, I am bouncing back really quick - she's 7 weeks now and I am prepregnancy weight and just started working out (she was csection) and I feel tired, but good. No one has judged me for having the baby, although my 15 year old constantly complains of the dirty looks she gets when she has the baby in public, how sad they a__sume she is the mom - until they see me coming up. I think it is more accepted than you realize. We are more likely to ask hubby to help (and get it) than younger mama's too, I think... our babies are often more appreciated by both s_xes of the partnership - at least that's my case.


Heidi - January 19

Can I ask how much a reversal costs these days? Stupid me insisted my DH get fixed before my daughter was born as I didn't want to have kids to being with, now that she's here, I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life. Is it really expensive? I know it's not cheap like the vasectomy was. I heard the sucess rates are good too. I'm only 31. He's 30. Just had a vasectomy in August. He's not keen on the idea at all but I'm curious.


to heidi - January 19

The total cost incurred for the reversal was $6500.


Lovie - January 19

my husband had his reversed after 10 years and I was pregnant in three months....


indobray - January 19

$6,000 - In Northern California.


Heidi - January 20

That's not bad at all but considering it was $1000 to neuter him.....ha ha! Insurance paid for all but $15.00. I know they won't pay for a reversal but it's nice to know what we'd be looking at if we did do it. That's way cheaper than adoption costs. A friend of mine adopted and it cost them over $20,000!!!!!



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