39 Yrs Old Need Moral Support BFN On Bld Test

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Kathryn - August 12

Hi.....I had bld test today at Dr office....BFN! I wanted to believe I was pg because it was cd 36 and no AF. I had what I thought was IB last week(light pink spotting) and sore br___ts so I was hopeful. 3 BFN hpt however since then but hoped they were false neg. Very let down after nurse called w/results. DH very supportive....he wanted it too. TTC since Jan. and seeing fertility specialist since early July. Thought this was it this time.....guess it'll happen in God's time not mine though. This is 2nd marriage for both....no kids....my 1st died 5 mo after wedding so we are REALLY wanting this. Sorry this is so long.....glad to see this category here......I don't feel left out! Thanks for letting me vent and for support!


Rhonda - August 13

I hope it turns out well for you I am 35yrs and am 15wks pregnant I mc at the begining of this year so I know how you feel this will be my 3rd and my husbands first we were very disapointed when I mc but we tried again and now things are going well but am concidered high risk cause i am 35 now which that sucks just remeber that when you do conceive that you will be high risk and have to make choices about the test to take I just got a call from my doc office that I have an appt for a level 11 sonogram and I am looking forward to that but at the same time I am scared that they may find something and I will have to have an amnio which I really don't want I really wish you luck and I am tossing baby dust your way keep me posted!! I have my level 11 on sept 2nd and I am sure I will be posting hopefully with good news that everything looks normal say a prayer for me too..thanks ( :


Kathryn - August 13

Thanks Rhonda for the encouraging words. It really helps knowing others are going through the same things. Good luck to you & your husband! Prayers and baby dust your way!


Tara-T - August 15

Kathryn: Know the feelings...42, no kids, 2 m/cs....seeing RE past 4 months, two IUI,BFN both times....very disappointing. It's hard when trying to heal from miscarriages...sounds like you are really going through some intense stuff....I'm so sorry about your "first" who died 5 months after wedding. No idea what happened,but sounds very traumatic, heartwrenching...


mother777 - August 17

hi. i am also high risk. i am 39 this is my third. the doctors want me to do an animo. i have an appointment to see the genetic counselors and have a level ll sono. i hope all goes well. i really want this child since it will be my last.


Sue Z. 38 - August 17

Kathryn - I will be turning 39 in a little more than a month. I had one unsuccessful IUI unsing Menopur and Gonal F. I'm on shut off right now. I have an FSH of 13 and E2 of 90. My own OB/GYN never had a concern for my age and I questioned him on it. His mother had 3 children after 40. I also have an immunity disorder ANA and have to use Lovenox. I'm in this position because my husband ingonred the fact that I was getting to old. I told him what I knew other egg quality and so fourth. He said that I got pregnant so easy before. I had 2 m/c's due to ANA before I had my son. The RE said that had to do with my age and so do my current problems. I cry about it all the time. I can't help but be angry at him for not listening to me. If he did I'd have 4 year old and and 2 year old. So I'm with you. I need support too. I just started acupuncture and wheat gra__s to lower my FSH even if it only for a short period. It could help me get pregnant by doing so. I'll be on this board every day. Best wishes!


mother777 - August 17

yes i guess we need each other support. good luck to all of you that are trying to get pregnant. i was not trying it just happen. actually, i did not think i could have any more children. my daughter is 16 and my son is 12. i have not been pregnant since so i was quite surprise. i just hope every thing goes well for me and all of us. i hope and pray we have healthly babies and those that are trying to conceive do and may their children be healthly.


Kathryn - August 20

Just wanted to let you ladies know I am going to my RE on Monday for an US to find out whether I have a cyst on my ovaries or what. Today is cd 44 with no AF so it makes me want to know what's going on!! I just feel frustrated and confused and am tired of waiting for something to happen! Hope we get some results Monday so we can go forward with the next step in ttc!!! Wish me luck and say a prayer! Baby dust to all!



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